Parent Council

The Primary and Middle School, along with the Kindergarten, is supported by an elected council with one representative for each class in the school. There is also an alternate class representative who is available for times when the parent representative cannot be. Parent Council class representatives are generally elected at the class meetings which are held early in the school year.

The Parent Council holds regular meetings, approximately monthly. One elected member of the council attends the school's board meetings to ensure that the parents' interests are represented in that forum. He or she is able to both take parents’ concerns and views to the Board and to share information from the Board with the parent body through the parent council members.

All parents are encouraged to express general ideas, concerns and suggestions about the school through their elected parent representatives.

The Parent Council supports the school with projects such as fundraising, improving the facilities and supplementing the school's resources, arranging special events.

Becoming involved in the Parent Council or its activities is an excellent way for new parents to meet others and to become a more active part of the Skagerak community.

Primary and Middle School members 2016/2017

ChairpersonShyam Venkatraman
Deputy chairpersonHéba Farouk
FinanceJohan Dag Steen

SecretaryRose Andersen
EventSandrine Liland
Board representative Heba Farouk
Deputy board representative Natalia Ruistuen

Teachers' representative James Tester, Jørgen Glittenberg

Student representativeEmma Lundestad

Class representatives

Kindergarten Hazel Venkatraman, Martha Benjumea

PY1Leslie Sundmyhr, Ronny Elvenes

PY2 Shyam Venkatraman, Roxanne Kapperud

PY3 Gajanan Gaikwad, Kirstine Hjorthaug

PY4 Sandrine Liland, Rolf Hjelpdahl

PY5 Heba Farouk, Anne-Lise Georges

PY6 Natalia Ruistuen, Britt Andersen

MY1 Lourdes Klaastad, Ellen Andrea Bækholt

MY2 Johan Dag Steen, Rose Andersen

MY3 Marit Varmo

MY4 Hilde Jennings, Christina Weldingh

Scheduled meetings for 2016/17:

2016: 5 September, 10 October, 7 November, 5 December

2017: 9 January, 6 February, 6 March, 3 April, 8 May ,12 June

All parents of Primary and Middle school are welcome to attend the Parent Council meetings, no prior notice is required.

Minutes from earlier years may be acquired upon request.

Posted 09/15/2014 05:56PM

How to support playground improvement

The Skagerak Parent Council has created a new committee to find new ways with the school to support the building of a modern playground. They are seeking your help. Do you have any contacts with companies who would help sponsor this project? Can you assist with raising funds? Do you have ideas for promoting the project to potential sponsors? Can you help prepare the playground by digging, removing debris, etc?

You can also support a new playground by joining the grasrotandelen (organization number 913 447 794) or make a donation to account 2480.10.10837. The account name is Foreningen for Skagerak skole og Framnes Nærmiljø.

You can also be a grasrotgiver through Norsk Tipping or mobilspill by texting our organization number to 2020. It's free! If you have any questions, contact Chairman Shyam Sundar Venkatraman at

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    • TueAug22 Høyt & Lavt

      DP1 and DP2 student trip to Høyt & Lavt

    • ThuAug31 Curriculum evening and BBQ

      For Kindergarten, Primary and Middle school parents

    • FriSep01 CAS fair

      for MY3 to DP2 students

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