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Welcome to Kindergarten News page!

We look forward to and are excited to be sharing with you our kindergarten classroom! Here you will be updated with what the students are learning in class, any classroom news, reminders or events. Links for learning resources, and tips on how to help support your child’s learning at home, will also be made available here.

Primary school assembly calendar 2016-17

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Posted 01/16/2017 01:42PM

Kindergarten News!

Unit of Inquiry

Our How we organize ourselves unit about emergency has started well. Last week I asked the children "what is an emergency?" where some of them could answer and some of them needed help.

They were shown 6 pictures: an ambulance, a police car, a fire truck, a boy who fell off a bike, a man trying to break into a house and a house on fire.

Here are a few of their responses:

An emergency is.......

--Somebody hurting themselves or somebody hurt his belly. Call the doctor and the hospital truck, said Celina.

-- I don't know. He saw picture of a boy who got hurt. Then he said we need to put on a bandage, said Aronas

-- I don't know, if it is a fire call 110, no call fireman. I can sing a song about that, said Oscar.

-- weoooo weooo. It has to blow.When shown a picture of a boy who fell off a bicycle, Cecilia said he fell down, he needs a bandage, said Cecilia.

-- I don't know, it's a fire we need water. Grandpa set the fire with glitter. (firework?) Tomine

-- Emergency means that someone is in danger. Maybe in a fight or fire in the house. Xavier

-- I don't know, when shown picture of the boy who fell off the bike. We need to comfort him by giving him a hug or ask if he is ok. Sofie

-- A big fire or earthquake, Kl

--When someone is really hurt, Ilina

--When the bell rings and we go out because of the fire, Andrè

-- Fire fighter extinguishes fire helps cats, when someone needs help, said Max

-- Don't know, when shown the picture of the boy who fell off the bike. Then he said: the boy got hurt and needs help from mom and dad. Matti

As you can see the children know a lot about emergency already! This week we will explore more about how, when and where emergencies occur, starting with ambulance and hospital services; exploring their role and what they do to keep us safe.


Last week the children were introduced to the letter E. We also started a new game where the children throw a big dice, identifying the number that lands face up. On the whiteboard we wrote activities for each number from 1-6, for example 1 -Fly, 2-Crawl and 3-Jump like a frog. In the classroom we had set up 5 fun activity stations about the letter E and, depending on the number from the dice, they flew or crawled between stations. They learned about eggs, elephants, exercises and s,a,p,t,i,n,e letter sounds. This week the children will work on the letter H.

We also had an amazing day, spending 3 hours in the playground near the football field.

Kindergarten has some exciting trips coming up with visits to the fire station and with a police officer - the dates will soon be confirmed.

Reminder: We are continuing with a healthy environment in the kindergarten and ask parents to bring fruits and vegetables for lunch and not sugar drinks, cakes, or cookies. Children need fruits and vegetables to grow up healthy and strong, Thanks.

Have a great week, Daniela.

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Posted 01/12/2017 09:33AM

Welcome back and happy new year!

I'm excited to begin 2017 in kindergarten.

Last week we used some time to settle back in kindergarten. On Wednesday the children had Physical Education class where obstacles were placed in the classroom and they practiced on their balance, climbing, rolling, throwing and catching skills. Thursday was an outing to the playground near the football field, and Friday was sharing day and some more Physical Education.

Unit of inquiry

Kindergarten will begin our How we organize ourselves unit of inquiry about emergency.

Central idea

In a community people work together to ensure our safety

Lines of inquiry

  • The role of emergency services.
  • How services are connected.
  • Our responsibility in keeping safe

The children will engage in a game about identifying an emergency situation. What is 'an emergency' and what is not. They will be presented with different scenarios and will have to explain their answers.

We will hold a fire drill and questions will be asked as to why we had to do things in a particular manner. They will also go on a fire walk of the school and home to see escape routes, hoses and extinguishers.

Books will be read about the day in the life of a paramedic, doctor, police officer and fire fighter. The children will visit with each of these and then be asked to reflect on what they learned from the book and what they learned from the people. They will also be asked if these people ever work together to help the community.

A miniature fire station, ambulance, police car, etc. will be available for exploration.

Have a great week!


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Posted 01/07/2017 05:36PM

Important Reminder- Tuesday Early Dismissal from January 2017

Effective January 2017, the Primary and Middle School will be initiating an early dismissal day on Tuesdays. From January 10th onward both the Primary and Middle school will be dismissed at 14:30 on Tuesdays to facilitate staff meetings and professional development as a school. SFO will continue to be offered until 16:30 on Tuesdays.

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Posted 01/03/2017 10:28AM

Bottle drive 4-13 January

Drop off all refundable cans and bottles to the front reception in the Primary/Middle school building, and help us contribute to 'Doctors without Borders'. Last day for delivery is Friday 13 January. Thank you for your support!

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Posted 12/09/2016 12:30PM

Fun from the paper airplane club

For Kindergarten to PY4 students. Thank you tothe Middle school media group for creating the video.

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Posted 12/07/2016 08:00AM

Holiday greetings from the principal

Dear Skagerak Parents,

Here we are in the month of December! The school year is now more than 1/3 of the way through, and shortly 2016 will come to a busy end here at Skagerak. Before the school disperses across the globe, Norway or stays to enjoy beautiful Sandefjord; I thought I would give an overview of the upcoming important dates and other information before we start our holiday. As always, if you have any questions or require more information about the events below, please contact the school.

Holiday show on Thursday December 8th, 6 pm to 8pm

Ms. Martinsen and the Primary students and staff have been hard at work on this years' Winter Performance Primary production. The show will be from 6 pm to 8pm in the High School auditorium followed by Christmas carols organized by the Parent Council, including a visit from a special guest. Children are to meet up from at 5:30 pm.

Ugly Sweater Day on Thursday December 8th

Thursday December 8th is also the Annual Ugly Sweater day in the Middle school with everyone encouraged to wear their most hideous sweater. Always a good laugh!

Radio CAS movie night Friday December 9th

The Middle School Radio Service and Action group is hosting a Christmas Movie video evening on Friday December 9th with movies catering to Primary and Middle School students. More information can be found on the classroom blogs.

Lunchtime dismissal on the last day of school Tuesday December 13th

A reminder that the last day before the December holiday is a half day with students being dismissed at 12:00 in the Primary school and 12:15 in the Middle School.

Holiday office hours

The school administration will be open 10 am to 2 pm 14- 21 December and will then close for holidays. The office reopens Monday 2 January.

Wednesday January 4th school starts

School resumes with normal times from Wednesday January 4th.

Early dismissal on Tuesdays from January 2017

Effective January 2017, the Primary and Middle School will be initiating an early dismissal day on Tuesdays. From January 10th onwards both the Primary and Middle school will be dismissed at 14:30 on Tuesdays to facilitate staff meetings and professional development as a school. SFO will continue to be offered until 16:30 on Tuesdays.

Lost and found

Every year an expansive collection of Lost and Found items are collected in the Primary and Middle school. These items are displayed in the front hallway of the red building until next week. Please take an opportunity to peruse the items. All remaining items will be donated to charity on December 14th.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, students and parents for their continued support from August 15th. (which seems so far away!) Skagerak is truly a community and it is at this time of year that it really shows, in the hallways, classrooms and in the students faces. The 2017 school year will bring new learning experiences, new challenges and new fun. I look forward to what lies ahead for us as at Skagerak!

I hope to see as many parents as possible at the Primary winter performance or before the break begins next Wednesday, but if not I wish you all Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness during this Holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Kind regards, James Tester

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Posted 12/05/2016 10:00AM

Baking lussekatter and refunding bottles!

Language: The letter of the week was 'k', where everyone had to color upper case K blue and lower case k with black. The children had to practice on their pen grip and how to write their names. They ate kiwi and we talked about words that start with k.

Unit lights and shadow: Last week, we had a lot of fun with our last few days with the lights and shadow unit. When the children had to paint the sun, moon and the earth in their colors, many of them recognized the sun, earth and moon and knew their size and purpose. After laminating their work, we could set the different parts together so that the earth and the moon could rotate around the sun.

On Friday the children went to the store to refund some bottles. Each child had a plastic bag full of bottles to feed into the machine and collect the money, of which they were very proud. Together they are going to decide what to do with the money. When we came back to the kindergarten we baked Lussekatter.

With Christmas coming soon, we have already started to prepare for many upcoming events.

Wednesday 7th December: We will be joining other local kindergarten for Nissefest in the forest. Please send your child to kindergarten with a Santa hat and make sure that they arrive in the kindergarten no later than 9:00. am.

Thursday 8th December: Ugly sweater day! Wrap your child up in the ugliest sweater and win points for their house team.

Winter performance at 6:00. p.m. The children must be at the High school by 5:30. p.m. Please dress your child in white, polar bear or sparkle clothes.

Friday 9th December: The Student Council is arranging Pyjamas Day and selling hot chocolate and popcorn. We wear our pyjamas and have some fun! Please provide your child with 10kr.

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Posted 12/02/2016 01:36PM

Cozy Winter Friday, 9 December

Wear your pyjamas and cuddle up with a hot chocolate to celebrate winter. Only kr 30 for hot chocolate with marshmallows and gingerbread. On Friday, 9 December.

Organised by Student Council

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Posted 11/29/2016 03:59PM

Winter performance, 8 December 6 pm

This year's winter performance centers around the theme Snow and Ice. We have visions of icicles, snowflakes, polar bears, snowballs and more. The classes will be presenting songs, poems, dances and two short stories. After the performance, we gather in the cafeteria for coffee and cake while the children dance around the Christmas tree. There is a rumour about a visit of a certain 'man in red'.....

This year the Kenya CAS group will be selling coffee and cakes. The aim of this CAS activity is to raise money and awareness for a primary school in Kenya. They have established a partnership with a primary school in Rongai, Kenya and help support the school in developing a good, safe environment for learning. The Parent Council will be holding a raffle as well, so please remember to take some small change.

Come and join the celebration!

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Posted 11/27/2016 10:47PM

In the classroom

For our unit celebration we recognized Thanksgiving. We read a story about the first time the pilgrims arrived in America to seek religious freedom. We talked about why people who come from United States celebrate Thanksgiving and how the Indians helped the pilgrims with their farming. We talked about how lucky we are for having food and a peaceful country to live in. After the story each child wrote on a paper feather what they were grateful for.

Language. Letter of the week is C. The kids made paper crocodiles, clouds with shaving foam and pasted cornflakes on a C formed letter.

Unit lights and shadow. The children played with their shadows by making shadow theater and tracing an object. We talked about what a shadow is, what we need to make a shadow and what happens with the light.

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Posted 11/21/2016 08:00AM

In the classroom

Unit lights and shadow

Last week the teachers spoke individually with each child. We talked about what they knew about light sources, where they could see light and they drew light sources that they knew. It was very interesting to see the results where some of them could say that light came from a lamp and others could mention several things: the sun, moon, flash light, laser, fire, fireworks etc.

Unit celebrations

The children made bats and cats for the Halloween. They practiced using scissors and glue, decorating their own cats or bats. We also spent time talking about why Halloween is celebrated and their own Halloween costume.


We started with the letter N, and the children practiced on how to say the letter sound, how to write or trace the letter. Then they had to collaborate in forming the letter with their bodies.

Next week we will continue with the unit's work. On Monday we will participate in a pumpkin decoration competition, where each class in the school is going to decorate a pumpkin, and vote for their favourite.

On Thursday we will recognize Diwali and show the children how Diwali is celebrated and Friday is a trip to the forest.

Have a wonderful week.

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Posted 11/19/2016 01:33PM

Visiting the library and forming letters with playdough

Language: We took the bus to the library and the children met the author who wrote the Lillesøster books. She read for the us and told them how she came up with the idea of writing the books. She told the children that she was inspired by her grandchildren. We had lunch at the library and played there afterwards.

This week they formed letters s. a. p. t. i. n with playdough and made the letters sounds.

Unit: The children learned about the sun, light and shadows by experimenting with different light sources and objects in a fun, interactive science activity. Moving a light source closer to an object, making its shadow grow larger while moving the light source away created the opposite effect. They played with shadows and made different objects big and small with the flashlight. The children played with different pictures of different light sources and had to explain where the light sources came from.

During our outing in the forest we met other children from Veraåsen Barnehage, at hotdogs for lunch and played in the snow.

Have a great week.

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Posted 11/18/2016 09:47AM

Parent Evening 24 November

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Posted 11/09/2016 02:30PM

A bite of China - 15 November 4 pm

Marco Polo CAS fundraising function, inviting all parents and students across Skagerak.

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Posted 10/24/2016 09:31AM

News in kindergarten

Atthe beginning of the week before conferences, the children did math activities. They sat in groups and cut numbers from 1-18 and then glued them on egg boxes. Then they had to put the numbers in the right order on the egg holes. That was challenging for some of the children but they had to collaborate with each other. The next day we continued with numbers and they threw dice and the number they got they had to put in coins on the egg holes. For K4 students they got to throw the dice and color the number on a grid. Many could manage and it seems that they enjoyed the activity.

On Thursday we took a bus to Ormestadvika where the K5 students met with 4 other kindergartens in the forest. They played with them and ate hotdogs. We were there for four hours and no one wanted to go back. The K4 students stayed in the kindergarten where they made masks and played with the bilibo. The next day it was the K4s turn to go out. They went out near the school and really enjoyed collecting autumn treasures.

The letter we are going to work with next week is N. We are starting with a new unit named how the world works, lights and shadow.

Central Idea

  • All living organisms are affected by light and dark

Lines of inquiry

  • sources of light
  • properties of light and shadow
  • how living things need light

It will be an interesting unit and the kids will enjoy and have fun. Have a great week.

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Posted 10/19/2016 12:46PM

Winter Equipment Sale - Sunday 23 October 10:00-12:30

Winter gear too small? Snow is just round the corner ...come to Skagerak and find a bargain/get a good price for your outgrown skis, skates, goggles and snowgear. All you need to do is reserve a ticket from the Mercy Ships group for a sales pitch (kr 100) - then the rest of the profit is yours to keep.

Email to reserve your pitch. Set up from 9:30, doors open for sales at 10:00.

Any unsold items need to be taken home when you leave please - thank you.

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Posted 10/16/2016 08:42PM

The highlights of the week!

Last week the children were introduced for the letter I. Therefore, we decided to make homemade ice cream, using ice cubes, cream, salt, milk and a taste. For the taste the children had to vote choosing between vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Chocolate had the highest vote and won. Each child got to help, by pouring milk, salt, cream and chocolate powder. Then after mixing all the ingredients they got to shake it inside a lidded bowl with a bag full of ice cubes. Every child got to shake the bowl and passed it to next child while listening to music. After almost four rounds the music stopped and children opened to see what had happened with the ingredients. They were amazed with the results. The salt melted the ice just the way we throw salt on the ice during winter on the road.

In the afternoons the children got to play cards games, puzzle, domino and memory cards. We divided them in small groups as it is easier for them to focus and learn how to wait for turn and learn how to play. We will continue with those groups whenever they are going to play arranged game cards. It is also a good way for them to play with the children they usually never play with.

We had an amazing trip to the forest Briske near the Veraåsen kindergarten and ate lunch there. After lunch we had a running and rolling competition - it was awesome. We ventured further into the forest where we saw a beautiful view of Sandefjord city and the children saw a big electricity tower. Xavier and Jacob insisted that we had to take picture of the beautiful place.

On Thursday the 20th of October, the K5 will be visiting Gapahuken kindergarten with Veraåsen kindergarten. We will take the bus at 10:00 and we will go for a walk in the forest behind the Gapahuken kindergarten. They don't need to bring lunch that day, because we will have hot dog for lunch and the kindergarten will provide that.

Please make sure that the kids arrive at 9:00.

Thanks and have a nice week.

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Posted 10/13/2016 02:53PM

Parent Conferences

Skagerak International School will be holding Student/Parent/Teacher conferences for the first term on Monday 17 October and Tuesday 19 October. The focus of these meetings so early in the year is to set goals for the coming academic year and start a conversation about how to succeed in the months to come. Therefore, the students are asked to come to this meeting to discuss these future goals. It is important that parents sign up for a session with your child's homeroom and specialist teachers and any of their specialist teachers as well.

Please see the separate parent email that was sent to each class with instructions and internet link for signing up. Any questions may be directed to Tony Egan,

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Posted 10/12/2016 04:09PM

Fantasy Night 2016

Skagerak Parent Council once again hosts the popular annual Fantasy Night, featuring fun activities, pumpkin carving, costume contest and more! Entrance fee is kr 100. Join the fun!

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Posted 10/11/2016 09:26AM

In the classroom

Since our unit about our five senses is soon over, we assessed the children on what they have learned. The children got to paint a big hand and a big nose on a poster, then they made a collage with pictures of objects that they could use for smell and touch.

We read a book named brown bear what do you see? The book was about everything the brown bear could see on his journey.The children drew their favorite part of the book and we talked about the sense of sight. The children chose different books for story time in class.

For international day preparations, high school students visited kindergarten. Each child painted their own bird with the flag color of the country they belong to. They had to write down their favorite word on the backside of the bird. The high school students helped them to write and afterwards students played with the children.

We had a wonderful day on Friday where we ate lunch outside on the pier in front of the boats. The children enjoyed watching all the boats, especially the Viking boats. Then the childre played on the playground for several hours.

Many parents have asked me for others parents' phone number in the kindergarten. I will post a sheet on the wall inside the kindergarten entrance and if you would like to share your number please write it down with your name and your child's name.

Thank you!

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Posted 09/09/2016 01:41PM

School Photos

Kindergarten and Primary school photos are scheduled for Wednesday 14 September. Portraits and class photos will be taken. Come with your biggest smile!

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Posted 09/06/2016 10:19PM

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Posted 09/05/2016 05:00PM

News update for this week

The children were introduced to the letter S. They learned about the sound ssss. They heard a story about a girl named Sara who build a sandcastle and suddenly there was a snake, who came out of the sand and made the sound sssss. The children colored a snake with the shape of S, they tried to find objects in the classroom that starts with S. Some of them wrote the letter on the sheet and those who couldn't write it down traced over the letter for practice.

We began working with the unit Who We Are. The unit is about what senses are and how we use them to understand the world. I introduced a feely box to the children, where they tried to touch some objects without using sight.

We also made vegetable soup with beets, celery root, turnip, parsnip and potatoes. The children got the chance to see, touch and taste six types of vegetables. They were amazed by how all the vegetables turned pink in color because of the color of the beets. It was a successful happening and many ate several times. They helped out by peeling the skin and cut all the vegetables with help of the teachers.

In Math class we worked on measurements. The children played with different stripes of many sizes. They tried to find a person who had the same size as them. In circle time we also talked about who was tall and short, and some of the children had the same height.

On Friday we had circle time twice, because most of the children wanted to share their toys with each other. They were very excited about that. We had also some children who didn't bring a toy, so please remember sharing day on Fridays as it is important to them! After circle time we went to Langestrand beach near the kindergarten, where some of the children played fotball and threw rocks in the water. We talked about how far they could throw and how the rocks had different shapes. We had lunch there and then returned to the kindergarten because many of the children were cold. Please remember to bring appropriate clothes for your child next week.

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Posted 08/29/2016 03:44PM

Curriculum evening schedule, 1 September 2016

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Posted 08/23/2016 05:51PM


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