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Welcome to Kindergarten News page!

We look forward to and are excited to be sharing with you our kindergarten classroom! Here you will be updated with what the students are learning in class, any classroom news, reminders or events. Links for learning resources, and tips on how to help support your child’s learning at home, will also be made available here.

Primary school assembly calendar 2016-17

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Posted 04/27/2017 11:00AM

Primary School Assembly

Please join us Friday, April 28th for our full school assembly at 14:00 in Lars Ask Auditorium. PY6 will be our featured class with PY1 joining in with a song. There will also be a short puppet performance given by two ELA students. We will wrap things up with a special story for everyone.

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Posted 04/26/2017 04:51PM

Kindergarten update

This week in kindergarten we will begin our "Where we are in place and time" unit of inquiry.

Central idea

  • Minibeast and human societies interact

Lines of inquiry

  • Minibeast classification
  • The importance of minibeasts
  • How humans and minibeasts interact

We will start the unit by creating a classroom display with photographs of minibeasts. We will talk about the different pictures and names of the minibeasts and see how much the children already know.

We will develop a wall mural of different minibeasts and their habitats, showing human interaction when possible. We will also include information about each minibeast and how it interacts with human society, following the lines of inquiry.

We plan on trips to the forest, exploring and hunting for minibeasts, encouraging children to consider the different habitats of different minibeasts and how they might help or harm human society. Viewing cups and miniature habitats will be used to study the different minibeasts. More details will be shared later during the weeks.

At the end of the unit, the children will make a common minibeast book and share their knowledge.

As well as starting our new unit, we will continue to work with numbers, counting objects in different situations, saying and using number names in order and labeling a quantity of objects. In our language lessons, we will work with the letter V, read books and do activities for early readers.

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Posted 04/14/2017 09:22AM

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Posted 03/26/2017 07:15PM

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Posted 03/13/2017 11:39AM

Skagerak Playmakers present Oliver Twist, 31 March and 1 April

Everyone is invited toVerdensteateret on Kongensgate on 31 March and 1 April for this year's production, Oliver Twist.

Oliver Twist is a dramatic story, told in English, about a young orphan boy who finds himself alone on the streets of London in 1831. His is befriended by thieves and pickpockets, later rescued by a wealthy family and finally finds out about his true identity.

25 actors, ages 9-19 years have been skillfully directed by John Goodnow in recreating pre-Victorian London. Tickets available at the door. Adults: kr 150; children/students kr 50; Family ticket Kr 350

Come and enjoy yet another fantastic production from our very own theatre group!

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Posted 03/10/2017 04:16PM

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Posted 03/07/2017 04:22PM

Student led conferences for Primary school, 16 March

On Thursday 16 March from 13:00 to 19:00, Kindergarten and Primary school teachers at Skagerak International School will be holding student led conferences for the second term of 2016/2017. Students will be dismissed at 12:15 on this day.Please take a moment to sign up to see your child's teachers, as many of the times fill up quite quickly. Additionally this semester, Mr. Hans Jørgen Firing the school Director, will be available for meetings if you would like information, or have any questions or concerns for him.

The Primary school will student led conferences that give the students an opportunity to demonstrate their skills that they have learned this past year. Each slot is 45 minutes long and there are a total of four different students can sign up for each slot. If you would like to speak to any of the specialist teachers (Norwegian, Art, PE, Music, Learning Support and ELA) they will also be available for a 10 minute conference. Simply scroll through the different teachers to find their schedules or click each link below to go directly to their signup page.


Sign up Procedure

Please visit the link to schedule your meetings - see also the email that was sent to all parents on 6 March. You may sign up for meetings by ticking an available time slot. You can scroll through the available teachers with the tabs at the top of the page. If you want to change the date, simply choose from the top right pull down menu. Please make note of the time and try not to book teachers at the same time. You will receive an email notification of all your appointments two days prior to the scheduled conferences. You do not have to sign up for SignUpGenius; however, if you do, you will be able to make edits, cancel appointments, and have greater functionality in the program. If you have any troubles, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Tony Egan for assistance.

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Posted 03/07/2017 12:12PM

In the classroom

Last week we finished our reflections on the emergency unit of inquiry and also read several books. At the end of the week, the children had to choose their favorite book.

Every day at 2:30 we have quiet time where the children lay down and listen to relaxing music with the lights off. This week we did a twist where the children were paired together and massaged each other's back. I read a story about the sun and a stormy day with matching movements which the childred had to mimic. It was a popular activity that we hope to continue with.

In our math unit of inquiry the children formed different shapes with rubber. They had to work in small groups and cooperate with each other on how they were going to make the shapes. They worked with 2d shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon.

This week we began our Where We Are in Place and Time unit of inquiry and started by making self-portraits.

Central Idea

  • People and animals have a universal need for shelter

Lines of Inquiry

  • Why we need shelters
  • The materials used for different shelters
  • The effect the environment has on shelters

We will talk about

  • What type of shelter do we live in
  • What is our home made of
  • Who uses shelters
  • What do we use shelter for
  • What type of animal shelters can you name
  • If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be
  • What materials are used in different shelters around the world
  • Why are different materials used to build shelters
  • What if we made a shelter out of paper, sticks, bricks..etc.

This week in language, we will work with the letter G, finding words that start with G. In math, the children will be exposed to 3- dimensional shapes, participating in an activity using a feely box to see if they can recognize shapes by touch. They will also use a pan balance as a tool to explore and compare weights.

Friday is carnival day in the kindergarten. The children can dress up with any costume they like. We will provide music, fun activities and a special treat.

Have a great week.

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Posted 03/06/2017 04:42PM

Support the Kindergarten and Primary School Student Council

On Thursday 9 March, the Student Council is selling pizza to raise funds so it can continue to sponsor fun and exciting events for the Kindergarten and Primary School!

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Posted 02/27/2017 03:32PM

PY1 Art Exhibition: How we express ourselves

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Posted 02/14/2017 03:45PM

The team behind the scenes at Skagerak!

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Posted 02/14/2017 12:04PM

In the classroom

Emergency unit of inquiry: Before our guest speaker arrived, we talked about the role of police officers. But when they did not show any interest, I gathered them in a circle on the floor and told them that I had a surprise, sparking their interest, and informed them of the visit from the police. To find out more about what police officers do, the children worked in small groups, where they had to color a badge and in front of the class, pretend that they were police officers. Many of the children said that they caught thieves and some of the children said that they had to wear a badge, so other people could see what they worked with.

The children were very excited when the police officers arrived at the kindergarten. We were so lucky to have two police officers visiting us, Trude and Espen. They showed us their police car, put the siren on and let the children sit inside the car. There were many questions: what kind of food do thieves eat, if it hurts to wear handcuffs, which school the police officers went to and if thieves could ever escape from prison. As it was cold, we then went inside where the officers brought in some police equipment and spent almost 2 hours talking with the children.

On Friday, the children went to Lille Briske so they could slide in the snow. They had hot toddies and ate hot dogs - what a wonderful day!

Language: We have had some incidents with some of the children not including other children in play. We have started to read a book about how to be a good friend and to do some role-play. The adults role-played with the wrong action and together the children come up with ideas of how to solve the problem. Those children who wanted to show how to do it correctly, role-played in front of the whole class. It was very successful and we will continue to work with it. Letter of the week is B.

If you have any old magazines or newspapers, please bring them to the kindergarten so that we have some more resources for our letter collage.

Celebration unit of inquiry: Kindergarten is joining the school for three days of spirit week 13-16 February. All students are invited to dress as indicated by the poster in order to win house team points for their team. The only day we are not joining is the twin day.

Have a good week.



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Posted 02/08/2017 01:56PM

The Primary School is joining the Middle School for four days of spirit February 13th-16th. All students are invited to dress as indicated by the poster in order to win house team points for their team.

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Posted 02/07/2017 12:46PM

Visiting the fire station

At the fire station, we were allowed to see the firefighters' bedroom. The children were told that the firefighters had to be on call 24 hours a day and they had sleep at the fire station. Emergencies can occur anytime during the day or night and the firefighters always had to be prepared. The children touched the firefighter's clothes, made of a thick, fireproof fabric.

The firefighter helmet had a walkie-talkie inside so the firefighter could talk with their colleagues. The firefighters could receive oxygen through a tank inside the mask. The children said that the firefighters needed air because they could not breathe in the smoke that comes from a fire.

They went up to the tower to see the city. It was very high and some of the children were afraid. We learned that firefighters use the tower to hang up wet hoses so they can dry.

Next week: On Monday and Tuesday we will work with how to put out differend kinds of fire: in a kitchen, an electric fire or if we get fire on our clothes. On Wednesday, we will start to learn about the police services. We will have a guest speaker on Wednesday at 10:30 - a police officer is coming to talk about his work and show us a police car.

Language: Our new letter is D. We will make a collage, and read and write stories using the letter D.

Have a great week.

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Posted 02/03/2017 04:00PM

Digital January 2017 reports now issued

A note to all parents that the digital copy of their child's January 2017 progress report is now available online. For Primary parents click on the Portfolio tab for the student reflection, and Report tab for the report. For Middle and High school students, the student reflection is included within the report. Please log on to your ManageBac account to access your child's report. Contact the school office if you require assistance.

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Posted 01/30/2017 11:01AM

Kindergarten News!

Celebration unit of inquiry

I would like to thank Inara's mother Sophie for helping us in kindergarten with how to recognize Australian Day 26th January. She showed pictures of how the day is celebrated, talked about the parade and what they usually did and ate. She also brought flags to all of the children, drawings to color and homemade cookies. The children loved it. Thank you Sophie!

The children made birthday cards and decorated a cake made to celebrate Bjørg's 80th birthday. Bjørg has worked as a volunteer in the kindergarten every Wednesday for 12 years. It was a lot of fun!

In January, we also celebrated Cecilia's 4th, Mati's 5th and Jakob's 5th birthday!

Language: The children worked with the letter H and R. They saw a short movie about the letters and talked about different words that started with H and R.The children practiced saying the letter sounds by listening to songs and writing the letter in their language book.

Math:The children painted many popsicle sticks in different colors and we worked with counting. They were divided in groups and had to recognize numbers from 0- 20. The children played a game "spin with numbers" in groups.

Emergency unit of inquiry

This week we continued to read books about doctors and paramedics. Our special guest was a dentist who came and talked about what to eat and drink and how to brush teeth properly. The children loved it.

We talked about what doctors do, what kind of tools they use, where they work and who could be a doctor.We all agreed that everybody - girls, mums, dads and grandpas could be a doctor. KL asked me what a shift was. I explained that they had to work at different times so the hospital could stay open all the time. Then Oscar said that the firefighters could help the doctors if they needed it and if they got hurt.

As you can see, we had an interesting conversation about how our community works together and we will continue to inquire more about different services in our community. The children dressed up as nurses and doctors and they made their own emergency vehicles. We talked about three different emergency scenarios and we pretended that we had to call for help. Then we practiced the song En brann er ikke tull. The children sang this song in the assembly.

Next week we will talk about firefighters, and what to do if there is a fire at home or at school. On Wednesday the 1st February, kindergarten will visit the fire station at 09.30. We will take the bus at 8.40. Please arrive at the kindergarten by 08:20.

The letter for the week is M and D.

We have a new teacher working 50 % with us until 20th February.Her name is Monica Herrebroden and she is a kindergarten teacher working through Fønix. She is great with the children and we are happy to have her with us.

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Posted 01/26/2017 01:10PM

Birthday wishes for Bjørg

Bjørg has been a steady and welcomed volunteer every Wednesday in Skagerak Kindergarten for 12 years! Where does the time go? None of us can believe she is turning 80 years of age this week - least of all her. All current and previous students gathered yesterday to surprise her with best wishes and a cake, in appreciation for all contributions and donation of her time at Skagerak.


Waiting in anticipation
Congratulations from some of her first kindergarten students

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Posted 01/26/2017 12:06PM

Introducing the Children's Vocal Ensemble Club

Crescendo Music School is excited to establish the Children's Vocal Ensemble Club in collaboration with Skagerak International School. We aim to develop individual singing skills, singing within a group, the basic musical skills of pitch, rhythm and expression through musical, vocal techniques for the young singer. If your child loves to sing, the Vocal Ensemble is an excellent way to start.

Rehearsals will be held on Thursdays from 15:30 to 16:30. The fee per child is kr 100 per week. We also offer individual lessons in voice and piano for a fee of kr 300 per week.

We intend to start rehearsals as soon as we have a minimum of 5 children. If you are interested, please contact Crescendo Musikkskole for further information: or telephone 93443316.

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Posted 01/19/2017 11:05AM

Primary assembly, Friday 20 January

This Friday is our monthly full school assembly from 14:00-15:00 in the Lars Ask auditorium. This assembly will have feature performances from PY3 as the main cast, with supporting acts from PY1, PY2 and KG. A reminder that if you cannot attend the assembly personally, you can follow along with the Periscope or Twitter app on your phone or computer. If you would like to watch it, search for Skagerak Assembly on Periscope or follow @Skageraktester on Twitter to view the live feed from 2pm.

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Posted 01/16/2017 01:42PM

Kindergarten News!

Unit of Inquiry

Our How we organize ourselves unit about emergency has started well. Last week I asked the children "what is an emergency?" where some of them could answer and some of them needed help.

They were shown 6 pictures: an ambulance, a police car, a fire truck, a boy who fell off a bike, a man trying to break into a house and a house on fire.

Here are a few of their responses:

An emergency is.......

--Somebody hurting themselves or somebody hurt his belly. Call the doctor and the hospital truck, said Celina.

-- I don't know. He saw picture of a boy who got hurt. Then he said we need to put on a bandage, said Aronas

-- I don't know, if it is a fire call 110, no call fireman. I can sing a song about that, said Oscar.

-- weoooo weooo. It has to blow.When shown a picture of a boy who fell off a bicycle, Cecilia said he fell down, he needs a bandage, said Cecilia.

-- I don't know, it's a fire we need water. Grandpa set the fire with glitter. (firework?) Tomine

-- Emergency means that someone is in danger. Maybe in a fight or fire in the house. Xavier

-- I don't know, when shown picture of the boy who fell off the bike. We need to comfort him by giving him a hug or ask if he is ok. Sofie

-- A big fire or earthquake, Kl

--When someone is really hurt, Ilina

--When the bell rings and we go out because of the fire, Andrè

-- Fire fighter extinguishes fire helps cats, when someone needs help, said Max

-- Don't know, when shown the picture of the boy who fell off the bike. Then he said: the boy got hurt and needs help from mom and dad. Matti

As you can see the children know a lot about emergency already! This week we will explore more about how, when and where emergencies occur, starting with ambulance and hospital services; exploring their role and what they do to keep us safe.


Last week the children were introduced to the letter E. We also started a new game where the children throw a big dice, identifying the number that lands face up. On the whiteboard we wrote activities for each number from 1-6, for example 1 -Fly, 2-Crawl and 3-Jump like a frog. In the classroom we had set up 5 fun activity stations about the letter E and, depending on the number from the dice, they flew or crawled between stations. They learned about eggs, elephants, exercises and s,a,p,t,i,n,e letter sounds. This week the children will work on the letter H.

We also had an amazing day, spending 3 hours in the playground near the football field.

Kindergarten has some exciting trips coming up with visits to the fire station and with a police officer - the dates will soon be confirmed.

Reminder: We are continuing with a healthy environment in the kindergarten and ask parents to bring fruits and vegetables for lunch and not sugar drinks, cakes, or cookies. Children need fruits and vegetables to grow up healthy and strong, Thanks.

Have a great week, Daniela.

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Posted 01/12/2017 09:33AM

Welcome back and happy new year!

I'm excited to begin 2017 in kindergarten.

Last week we used some time to settle back in kindergarten. On Wednesday the children had Physical Education class where obstacles were placed in the classroom and they practiced on their balance, climbing, rolling, throwing and catching skills. Thursday was an outing to the playground near the football field, and Friday was sharing day and some more Physical Education.

Unit of inquiry

Kindergarten will begin our How we organize ourselves unit of inquiry about emergency.

Central idea

In a community people work together to ensure our safety

Lines of inquiry

  • The role of emergency services.
  • How services are connected.
  • Our responsibility in keeping safe

The children will engage in a game about identifying an emergency situation. What is 'an emergency' and what is not. They will be presented with different scenarios and will have to explain their answers.

We will hold a fire drill and questions will be asked as to why we had to do things in a particular manner. They will also go on a fire walk of the school and home to see escape routes, hoses and extinguishers.

Books will be read about the day in the life of a paramedic, doctor, police officer and fire fighter. The children will visit with each of these and then be asked to reflect on what they learned from the book and what they learned from the people. They will also be asked if these people ever work together to help the community.

A miniature fire station, ambulance, police car, etc. will be available for exploration.

Have a great week!


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Posted 01/07/2017 05:36PM

Important Reminder- Tuesday Early Dismissal from January 2017

Effective January 2017, the Primary and Middle School will be initiating an early dismissal day on Tuesdays. From January 10th onward both the Primary and Middle school will be dismissed at 14:30 on Tuesdays to facilitate staff meetings and professional development as a school. SFO will continue to be offered until 16:30 on Tuesdays.

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Posted 01/03/2017 10:28AM

Bottle drive 4-13 January

Drop off all refundable cans and bottles to the front reception in the Primary/Middle school building, and help us contribute to 'Doctors without Borders'. Last day for delivery is Friday 13 January. Thank you for your support!

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Posted 12/09/2016 12:30PM

Fun from the paper airplane club

For Kindergarten to PY4 students. Thank you tothe Middle school media group for creating the video.

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