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A contract is available in the office. You can view the template here.

Before and After School Programme (SFO)

Before and After School Programme (SFO) for the academic year 2021-2022.


The Before and After School Programme (SFO) is designed to offer safe supervision for Skagerak International School’s children on school grounds.


7:30-8:45 a.m.

3:00-4:30 p.m. Monday- Friday, from 12:00-4:30 p.m on Tuesdays

The Before and After School Programme (SFO) is open on a daily basis and follows the regular school calendar. Please note that the programme is closed during all school holidays. In addition, there is no supervision on the morning of first day of school, the afternoon of the last day of school and the afternoon of the day before the December holiday.

Skagerak Summer Camps usually run in June and August after school is out and before school start. For more information, contact the SFO Supervisor about Summer Camps this year!


12.100 NOK per academic year for the full year, 1.210 per month, 90 NOK per day (for use on a casual basis, other than Tuesdays, to be paid to the SFO Supervisor on the same day). Invoiced twice per school year in October and February. Please give notice to the office or the SFO supervisor in advance. We have included the additional charge for extended SFO on Tuesdays. Note: If you only use morning or afternoon SFO, the charge is still 90 NOK for the day. One months’ notice is required to terminate a yearly contract effective from the 1st of the month after the notice period.

Tuesdays Afterschool Only SFO Option.

2400 NOK per academic year for the full year, 240 NOK per month, 120 NOK per day (for use on a casual basis to be paid to the SFO Supervisor on the same day) Children can be set up to partially attend Homework Club and then to SFO if needed.

and out Procedures

The supervisor must be able to account for all students at all times. Parents must personally inform the supervisor when dropping off and collecting young children. Your child must check in with the afterschool supervisor immediately after dismissal from class. The supervisor will meet students in front of the school. Please remind your child when they are to go to SFO.

Please inform the SFO Supervisor, or the school office and homeroom teacher if your child will or will not be attending the after school programme whenever possible.

Authorization of pick-up

Under no circumstances will a child be released to any person without prior written or verbal authorization from the parent/guardian. SFO staff will also refer to the medical/emergency release form provided by the parents/guardians at the beginning of the year.

Behaviour: Normal school rules apply during, before and after school care.

Children are expected to follow staff directions. No children are permitted inside the buildings without adult supervision (i.e. computer lab, library, etc). Parents will be notified of inappropriate behaviour.


Indoor shoes are required. As the children will be supervised outdoors, they must bring clothes appropriate for a range of weather. Warm clothes and rain gear are a must. If the weather is too severe indoor activities may be organized, at the discretion of the supervisor.


Parents must provide a healthy snack for children attending after-school care. Please label it “SFO” and pack it in a separate container from regular school snacks/lunch. Snacks are not provided daily unless you have made special arrangements with the supervisor except on Tuesdays when fruits are provided to all children for afternoon snack time. On special occasions, a snack or treat may be offered, but parents will be informed ahead of time to decide if they want their child to take part.


SFO staff will refer to the Emergency/Medical/Release form filled out by parents/guardians that should list any allergies/medical issues your child has.

SFO Departure Permission

SFO staff will refer to the Arrival/Departure form filled out by parents/guardians to allow students to leave SFO on their own.

Routines to be aware of

*The supervisor will wear a reflective vest.

*After school, the children meet in the SFO building where the supervisor will take attendance before they are free to play. Students not picked up by 3:15pm, will be escorted to SFO by staff and invoiced 90 NOK.

*Children under PY4 arriving before 8:35 am unattended or without written permission will be escorted by staff to SFO and invoiced 90 NOK (unless their bus is early).

* Inform SFO and the office if there are any changes in medical, departure, or contact information.

Please note: Children must be picked up from SFO no later than 4:30 p.m.