Working at Skagerak is a unique and rewarding experience. Come and join us!

The school recruits internationally mainly through recruiting services like Search Associates but will post job vacancies to local public sites periodically. If you would like to express interest in a job posting, please send a CV and letter of interest to the school. Such applications can be directed to the school office: recruitment@skagerak.org


Due to high interest in working at the school, only applications for those who will move further in the recruitment process will be contacted.

Please note that all teaching staff must meet the Norwegian national requirements for qualifications for teaching staff (§14 Forskrift til Opplæringsloven – the Regulations related to the Norwegian Education Act) in order to gain a permanent contract. Teaching staff with qualifications from abroad must gain approval from the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Utdanningsdirektoratet) in order to qualify for employment. The employee must also provide the school with valid documentation of all relevant qualifications and experience stated on their CV.

Avoid Scams Unfortunately, scams relating to non-existent teaching jobs at Skagerak International School have circulating on the Internet in the past, which include information taken from ourofficial website. Skagerak never charges fees to apply and candidates should carefully consider the requests made when applying to any reputable international school. The school works actively with the authorities to stop and prevent such scams. You can help us by reporting the fraud to the website where you found the ad.