High School Student Council

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Student Council Role

The high school student council has a significant role of representing student opinion in school matters. The president meets with the principal regularly to deal with student issues and attends the school’s board meetings with the right to voice an opinion. The council is also responsible for many social activities during the school year including the Christmas Ball, Ski Day and participation in the 17th May parade.

The student council election takes place every year in September. Meetings are held every second week.

“In the student council we did do quite a few things differently due to corona. The primary thing we did was to divide up into different sections of the HS student council such as one for events and one for bringing up day to day problems so that we wouldn’t have large meetings as often. we have also had to do most of our meetings online and often had to share information through teams rather than in person. As for events we have tried to reduce the amount of them that we do this year, but when we did do them, we had to take a lot of things into consideration before going through with them such as cohorts and social distancing.”

-Mathias Schaathun(HS President)

High School Y11 Student Council Reps

Martin Svennungsen
Martin SvennungsenTitle
Erik Bryhn-Lee
Erik Bryhn-LeeTitle
Kristian Jacobsen Svanberg
Kristian Jacobsen SvanbergTitle
Lars Gabrielsen
Lars GabrielsenTitle
Pragathi Gopalakrishnan
Pragathi GopalakrishnanTitle
Samyuktha Veeramani
Samyuktha Veeramani Title

High School DP1 Student Council Reps

Dhruva Mohan
Dhruva Mohan Title
Hannes Landergren
Hannes LandergrenTitle
Juliette Bolleurs
Juliette BolleursTitle
Lilly Sophie Waltermann
Lilly Sophie WaltermannTitle
Megan Caen
Megan CaenTitle
Othilie Paulsson
Othilie PaulssonTitle

High School DP2 Student Council Reps

Alicia Obregon Comino
Alicia Obregon CominoTitle
Ida Kristine Johansson
Ida Kristine JohanssonTitle
Julia Zielinska
Julia ZielinskaTitle
Rahul Vijay Darda
Rahul Vijay DardaTitle
Tomine Kivle
Tomine KivleTitle
Elvira Sundrehagen
Elvira SundrehagenTitle

High School Student Council Officers

Mathias Schaathun
Mathias SchaathunTitle
Sebastian Lien
Sebastian LienTitle
Vice President
Arthur Kleis
Arthur KleisTitle
Elisabeth Staib
Elisabeth StaibTitle


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