Kindergarten Admission Process

Please see our Admission Process and Policy. Do not hesitate to contact the school at telephone +47 33 45 65 30 or

Norwegian law guarantees all children a kindergarten place, though not necessarily to the kindergarten of the parent’s choice, if they are over one years of age by August and their application is submitted before 1 March. Places are generally offered starting from 1 March, completing in April with late recruitment in May/June. Any openings during the academic year will be filled in accordance to any waiting list and admission policy.

Skagerak Kindergarten is open to children aged 4 or 5 and students are admitted along the same principles as with the Primary school together with the requirements set by Sandefjord kommune kindergarten authorities.

All private kindergartens in Sandefjord kommune are required to coordinate admission with the Sandefjord kommune kindergarten authorities. Please read about private and public kindergartens in general in Sandefjord kommune.

Contact Our Admissions Officer

Skagerak Kindergarten strives to coordinate kindergarten recruitment together with school recruitment, in particular where siblings are involved.

Parents will be contacted when an opening becomes available but we also encourage applicants to contact us should they have any questions in the meantime. Please contact our admissions office directly for further details.

Request Information

For any further information please contact


Phone: +47 33 45 65 30


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