Middle School Admission Policy

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Admission policy

For the start of school in August, the first application deadline is 1 March. Applications received by then will be processed according to the priority list below. There is also a second admission date of 1 May which includes new applicants as well as those remaining applicants received by 1 March. These applications together will also be processed according to the priority list below.

Priority List

Due to the limited numbers of students that can be accepted into any class, the following priority order has been set:

1. Current Skagerak students applying for the following year

2. Children of members of staff

3. Students with previous international or English language schooling

4. Siblings of current Skagerak students

5. Other applicants

If an applicant has more than one criteria, the one with the highest priority applies. If applicants have equal priority, then a draw will be made.

Class sizes for the Primary and Middle school have been set to maximum 18-24 students depending on the grade level.

All decisions regarding admission to the school are subject to and in accordance with the Independent School Act (Friskolelova) §3-1 and the Public Administration Act (Forvaltningsloven) §2, with the right of appeal to the County Governor (Fylkesmannen).


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