MYP–DP Grade Comparisons

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As the IB continues to investigate the relationship between performance in the MYP and the DP, the Global Research department is undertaking a study investigating the extent to which the MYP prepares students for success in the DP. The assessment data, collected from over 6,000 students who participated in both the MYP external moderation and the DP end-of-programme exams, will be analysed to explore the impact of moderation performance on DP exam performance.

IBO: MYP coordinator’s notes November 2012

The data shows the comparison between all candidates and the cohort of IB DP candidates who have also completed the five years of the MYP, in three categories.

  • Those who pass the IB Diploma.
  • Those who achieve high scores (40+ points).
  • Those who achieve a bilingual diploma ie one with two language A subjects rather than a language A and a language B.

From these results, it can be seen that those who complete the five years of the MYP seem to experience higher achievement in the IB Diploma results, two years later.