e-Assessment School

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MYP e-Assessment school

Congratulations to students in our MY5 class who participated in this year’s first live session of MYP e-assessments. As part of qualifying for the new requirements to attain the MYP certificate, students have now completed work in both e-portfolio and online electronic exams. This type of external assessment is a new facet to the MYP and this new model serves to strengthen the continuum and offer MY5 students formal, recognized qualifications.

Leading MYP e-Assessment school

“As part of our commitment to being forward thinking with regards to students’ increasing awareness and engagement with technology, Skagerak International School now holds the designation of ‘Leading MYP e-Assessment school’. This badge signals our leadership in a global community of schools that have embraced an innovative, rigorous and globally consistent assessment model in the MYP.”

Katheryn Tester, MYP coordinator

IB parent resources

A new parent portal has recently been launched by the International Baccalaureate and helps parents of all three programmes to find answers to common questions, links and resources: IB information for parents