MYP Essential Elements

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For many years, the programme model for the MYP has contained a single circle for the five areas of interaction. The former model placed the five areas of interaction closest to the centre; the areas of interaction served as contexts for learning that could better enable interdisciplinary learning. The new model contains a more layered approach to the MYP education.

At the centre, surrounding the student, are four elements:

Approaches to learning

This demonstrates the commitment to approaches to learning as a key
component of the MYP for developing skills for learning.

Approaches to teaching

This emphasizes the MYP pedagogy, including collaborative, authentic learning through inquiry.


This shows the emphasis placed on a concept-based curriculum.


Shows how learning best takes place in context, and can help to develop

An extra circle highlights other key components of the model. Inquiry-based learning may result in action which may in turn be demonstrated by students in the form of service in the community. The MYP culminates in the personal project or the community project, and this features on the model now. This circle demonstrates the clear alignment with action and service, and with the culminating activities in the PYP and the DP.

Some of the subjects have been renamed in the new model.There are still eight subject groups, presented with blurred lines between them to indicate the interdisciplinary nature of the MYP.