Staff 2020-2021

Administrative support staff

Leadership Team

James Tester


Niklas Winander

Head of High School, DP coordinator

Tony Egan

Head of Middle School

Lesley Schäfer

Head of Primary School

Daniela Allen

Head of Kindergarten

Rikke Haua

Finance and Personnel Manager


Eileen Abrahamsen

Primary school assistant

Daniela Allen

Kindergarten teacher

Tru Andersen

PY2 teacher

Francis Baragwanath

currently on leave

Kårstein Bjåstad

MYP/Y11 Mathematics and DP Economics teacher

Maura Brattested

PYP and MYP Librarian assistant, Primary school assistant

Sue Budd

DP English teacher; Librarian PYP, MYP, DP

Katharine Burke

currently on leave

Marcela Cerón

DP/ MYP/Y11 Spanish teacher

Afroditi Chatzoglou

DP ESS teacher; MYP/Y11 Individuals and Societies/Social studies/Geography teacher

Jeanett Clausen

MYP and PYP Norwegian teacher

Cristina Comino

Kindergarten assistant

Anneli Moe Conreen

MYP/PYP NLA teacher

Kelly Dickson

PYP music teacher

Helge Dimmen

DP/MYP/Y11 Norwegian teacher

Lucia Duin

MYP and PYP Physical Health and Education teacher; Learning support

Tony Egan

Head of Middle School; MYP/Y11 Individuals and Societies teacher

Mostafa Elbestawy

DP Chemistry and MYP/Y11 Science teacher

Kaja Løken Fevang

DP/MYP/Y11 Norwegian teacher; DP French teacher

Jeffrey Fischer

CAS coordinator, MYP/Y11 Science teacher, MYP A&S coordinator

Yvonne Folan

Head of Pastoral, High school, DP English teacher

Kathrine Fredriksen

MYP Norwegian teacher; Primary and Middle school counselor; MY1 contact teacher

Jenny Glittenberg

University Guidance counselor; DP/MYP/Y11 English teacher;

Margaret Goodnow

PYP/Multiage classroom teacher, PY1-2-3 (LMAC)

Andrea Helgesen

PYP coordinator; PYP/Multiage classroom teacher, PY4-5-6 (BMAC)

Monica Herrebrøden

Kindergarten teacher

Patrick Holmes

MYP/Y11 and PYP Physical Health and Education teacher

Maya Holthe

MYP and PYP Norwegian teacher

currently on leave

Elizabeth Johnson

DP/MYP/Y11 English teacher

currently on leave

Helen Jones

DP/MYP Visual Arts teacher

Carol King

SFO supervisor; Classroom assistant

Jean-Marie Lamy

MYP/Y11 French teacher

Tracey Leys

PY1 teacher

Jacqueline Liverød

ELA teacher

Daniel Longoria

DP Economics and DP History teacher

Laura Longoria

DP/ MYP/Y11 Mathematics teacher

Elisaveta Malamova

DP Physics and DP Mathematics teacher

Marianne Nielsen

DP, MYP and PYP Learning support

Cortina Nystad

PY3 teacher

Emma O'Bryan

PY5 teacher

Philip Rosengren

MYP English/Science teacher; MY3 contact teacher


Anna Rue

Kindergarten assistant

Sonja Samuda

DP TOK and DP Psychology teacher, MYP German teacher

Torbjørn Sandvik

MYP Individual and Societies teacher; MYP/Y11 Norwegian teacher

Lesley Schäfer

Head of Primary School; PYP Art teacher, PYP/Multiage classroom teacher, PY4-5-6 (BMAC)

Blythe Siddall

PY6 teacher

Linda Sloan

MYP Mathematics teacher; MY3 Design teacher, MS Student Leadership Coordinator

Sarah Sommerschield

MYP English and music teacher; MY4 contact teacher

Shari Stacy

DP Psychology teacher; DP/MYP/Y11 English teacher

Mie Svarstad

PYP Norwegian teacher

Leslie Taschner

PY4 teacher

Katheryn Tester

MYP coordinator; MYP/Y11 PHE/English teacher, MY2 contact teacher

Hanne Vataker

DP Biology teacher; MYP/Y11 Science teacher

Mike Wakeford

DP/MYP/Y11 Mathematics teacher; TOK teacher

Niklas Winander

Head of High School; DP coordinator

Administrative support staff

Hege Budde

High School office manager, Admissions officer for High School

Morten Holbein

Network administrator

Cindy Hvidsten

Primary and Middle School office manager, Admissions officer for Kindergarten, Primary and Middle

Janne Larsen

Registrar / Accounts

Gitte Røed

Office assistant

    • FriMay14 School holiday

      School closed

    • MonMay17 Public holiday

      17th May - school closed

    • MonMay24 Public holiday

      school closed

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