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PY4 Update: Week 46
Posted 11/12/2018 08:30AM

PY4 Update: Week 46

This week the school will be transitioning to a new communications platform to facilitate better and simpler connection with families. This new system is called Seesaw, and will be used to share ongoing classroom updates. It will replace our current blog. It will also replace the binder version of your child´s portfolio, providing real-time digital access to their projects. We will be sharing information (via email and hard copy) about how to access this new system. Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance. We hope you Seesaw makes communication more streamlined.


Sharing the Planet

People´s choices can help sustain the Earth´s resources.

  • What are finite and infinite resources.
  • How are the Earth´s resources used.
  • What are the consequences of our choices on the Earth´s resources.

We focused on our second line of inquiry: How are Earth's resources used. With the assistance of Ms Burke, DP teacher and a masters graduate in environmental, students learnt how natural resources are used to make manmade items. Over the next couple of weeks, students will be working on an individual project to track the materials used to make their favourite and most important everyday item.


Our maths lessons continue to focus on strategies to help students with addition and subtraction, and pattern and function.


We continued to focus on the elements of paragraph writing and identifying the main idea when reading. We will continue to focus on various strategies to advance our writing and reading. Congrats to those students who submitted the Lorax assignment last week. We hope you had some interesting family discussions about deforestation and the need to protect our natural resources.This list of books that encourage young activists may prove to be good inspiration as you continue family discussions about saving the Earth,


  • November book report, due 30-Nov
  • Read 20 minutes each day
  • Complete Mathletics exercises
  • Complete Spellcity exercises


A big thank you to Sam for sharing a little information about his Diwali celebration and sharing some delicious food with us.


  • Please continue to collect bottle and jam lids for our recycling art project, which we will be working on shortly.

    • MonJun01 Public holiday, school closed
    • MonJun15 High school graduation ceremony POSTPONED: from 20 May to 15 June 3:00 PM

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