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Posted 11/30/2018 12:11PM

Seesaw - 5 December, 6 pm

On Wednesday December 5, the Primary School will host an information session for Seesaw. We will start in Lars Ask at 6:00pm. Come to find out what Seesaw is, how it works, and how to get connected to your student's class via the Seesaw Family app. Bring your phone or other devices that you may use, and any questions you have. We will try to answer them all.

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Posted 11/28/2018 12:36PM

We invite you to this year's winter performance on Thursday 13th December, 18:00 in the Lars Ask. The theme for this year's performance is The Rainbow! PY2 will be representing the colour yellow. It would be really great if students could start looking to see if they have any yellow clothing at home that they could wear for the end of the performance (I'm hoping to create a giant Skagerak rainbow).

Students have also been allocated a part in the main part of the play. As with every other year there are no expectations for costumes. However, if you did want to prepare something for your child to wear it would be welcomed. They should all know what they are and have been busy practicing the songs and lines.

We are using plenty of time in school learning parts and lyrics, so it should be a colourful and exciting show to finish 2018. Please do get in contact if you have any questions about the performance or if you know your child will not be able to attend the performance.

Many thanks, Miss Sommerschield

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Posted 11/26/2018 01:00PM

In the classroom

Last week for math we reviewed place value with base 10 blocks. We represented 2 digits and 3 digit numbers with base 10 blocks. For language we have been working on editing our stories. This week we will be working on the final copy of our narrative writing. We will be finishing up with our story unit this week.

Guest Storyteller

Thank you to Mr Winander for coming into our classroom last week and being our guest storyteller. The students listened to a story read aloud in Swedish. Afterwards the students shared what they understood about the story. The students were able to pick up many parts of the story and were pleasantly surprised that they were able to understand some Swedish.


This week's sharing students are André, Max W, Max A and K.L.


I will be finishing up our class blog on the school website this week. Communication will now be done through the Seesaw app. A letter will be sent out on how to download the app. You will be able to access the blog and your child's portfolio through the Seesaw app. I am new to Seesaw, so please be patient as I learn how to navigate and sort through any problems with this new platform.


Please make sure your child has indoor shoes and appropriate winter clothing for school. Some students are still without indoor shoes. Thank you.

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Posted 11/20/2018 11:00AM

Rainbow Winter Performance

We invite you to this year's winter performance on Thursday 13th December, 18:00 in the Lars Ask. The theme for this year's performance is The Rainbow! PY6 will be representing the colour violet. It would be really great if students could start looking to see if they have any violet clothing at home that they could wear for the end of the performance (I'm hoping to create a giant Skagerak rainbow).

Students have been, or will be, allocated a part in the main part of the play. As with every other year there are no expectations for costumes. However, if you did want to prepare something for your child to wear it would be welcomed.

We are using plenty of time in school learning parts and lyrics, so it should be a colourful and exciting show to finish 2018. Please do get in contact if you have any questions about the performance or if you know your child will not be able to attend the performance.

Many thanks, Miss Sommerschield

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Posted 11/19/2018 01:00PM

The students complete the first stage of their castle drawing for art with Ms Syvertsen.

In the class

For language we will continue to work on our story writing through revising and editing our work. The students have been learning about adjectives and this week will do some character trait work in class. Please remember that students will only be issued new readers once the old one has been returned. In Math we have been continuing to work on our addition and subtraction strategies in class.

Guest Storyteller

This week Max's dad Niklas will come in to be our guest story teller. He will read a story from Sweden to the students.


Eva H, Jakub, Mia and Isabela

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Posted 11/14/2018 10:26AM

Mobile Phones

A friendly reminder that the Skagerak Primary School has a policy with student mobile phones:

If a student is bringing a mobile phone to school in grades PY1-6, it is for emergency or after school communication purposes, and it is to be kept in the students school bag for the duration of the day.

Mobile phones should not be used or heard during school time without teacher approval during approved times.

Inappropriate student use of phones, including cameras on the phones, will result in short-term confiscation until the end of the day.

Unfortunately, we have had some recent incidents with misuse of mobile phones during the school day and would appreciate parental support with this. As always, please contact the school at any time should you have any questions or concerns.

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Posted 11/13/2018 12:00PM

In the class

For language we have been exploring nouns in class. Please continue to work on your child's individually assigned sight words that were sent home. This week the students will bring home a sight word and fluency phrase booklet to practice with. Please have your child read booklet one with you and return to the school the following Monday. We have also been reviewing and editing our stories for writing. For reading we been comparing and contrasting fairytales through a Venn diagram.

Please make sure to return old readers for new ones. For math the students have been revisiting number stories and exploring the turn -around rule for addition and subtraction. We have also been using dominos to help us explore this rule.

PY2 Storyteller

Thank you Martha (Andreas' mum) for coming in and being our PY2 storyteller! We have Ms Helgesen coming in next to read to the class.

Book order

Scholastic book catalogues have been sent home, please return order form and money to the class. Thank you.


Xavier, Oscar, Andres and Sofie

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Posted 11/05/2018 01:00PM

In the class

For language we are working on narrative writing. We have been looking at the different elements that makes up a story. Some of the students were very enthusiastic about reading their stories at last week's assembly. The students have been exploring the writing process in class. We will continue to revise and edit our work this week. For math we will continue to review near- doubles strategy and the turn around rule for addition this week.

For our unit, we will be having Andreas' mum come into our classroom as our guest storyteller this week! She will be reading a story from Columbia. We look forward to listening to her read to us. If you would like to come in and read a story to the students, please contact me by email to find a suitable day and time. We would love to have to come in and be our PY2 storyteller!

The students have been bringing in their favourite story to share with the class. We have set up a book table for all the PY2s to display their favourite books. Please help your child to find a favourite book to share. We would like to keep the books in class for part of our unit.

Sharing this week

Jacqueline, Walter, Eva M and Christian


Please make sure that your child has a set of indoor shoes and the appropriate clothing for this cold weather. Some students were without rain clothes last week. Thank you.


P.D. day for teachers on Friday. There will be no classes.

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Posted 10/29/2018 01:00PM

For language we have started to explore the pre-writing stage in the writing process. The students have been constructing and making booklets for story writing during their work on writing task. The class has explored the elements of a story and have participated in making a collaborative story on the computer.

For math, the students are using near doubles to solve addition facts. The students have been using the double facts to develop strategies to solve facts that they don't know. Domino will be used to explore the turn-around rule for addition.

We have started our new How We Express Ourselves unit about storytelling with a I See, I think, I wonder thinking routine. The students carefully viewed a series of illustrations from well- known stories and shared their observations with each other afterwards. For our unit, we are exploring the purposes of storytelling; how stories have been told through time & around the world and why we like stories.

The students have been bringing in their favourite stories from home to share. We are also interested in stories from around the world, as well as mother-tongue books. If you would like to come in and read a story to the class, please email me, we would love to have you come into our class and be our storyteller! Last week the student explored using drama to tell a well-known story.

Sharing: André, Max W, Max A, K.L.


We are sad to say goodbye to Amadeus and his family. This will be his last week in PY2. We wish him all the best, and will miss him.


Friday 2nd November is the school assembly, come and see the PY2s perform!

Friday 9th November is Professional Development day for teachers. No school for students.

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Posted 10/23/2018 10:29AM

Fantasy Night, November 1st

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Posted 10/22/2018 01:00PM

Goal Setting

Thank you for attending the parent conferences last week! I will start to send home student goals and materials discussed at the meeting next week.

In the class

For math the students have been solving and working on addition number stories. We will continue with double facts and finding combinations of 10 this week.

For language the students will be focussing on a particular writing goal each week to improve their writing. We have also been looking at poster making. The students have been working in pairs last week to create a healthy living poster which they presented. This week some of the students will present their posters to PY3.

We will begin a new unit: How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea

People around the world have created and told stories for many different purposes.

Lines of inquiry

  • Purposes for storytelling
  • How stories have been told through time and around the world
  • Our favourite stories and why we like them

For our unit, we would like the students to bring in their favourite stories to share for reading in class.

Sharing this week

Eva H, Amadeus, Mia and Isabella

Student Council

Congratulations to Oscar Didierjean and Eva Juhart who were elected as the PY2 Student Council representatives!

The Student Council will be having a Spirit Day on Thursday. Each class will compete in a decorating pumpkin competition . The students can wear house team colours to earn points!

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Posted 10/16/2018 12:31PM

PY3 fundraiser for UNICEF, Friday 19 October

Popcorn for kr 10 a cup!

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Posted 10/15/2018 01:00PM

PY2 Update

Assembly performance: Healthy food vs Junk food

Last week in math we continued to explore with base 10 blocks and dominoe facts. We also completed our assessment for unit 1: establishing routines in maths. We will be working on fact strategies for our next math unit.

For language the students will be focussing on their individual writing goals for writing. Some things the students will work on will include capitalisation, punctuation, spacing, sounding words when writing, making sure the pictures match the writing, using the word wall and adding descriptive words to their writing.

For unit, the students had a lot of fun exploring what would happen to your teeth if you exposed them to unhealthy food/drinks. This will be our final week for our Who We Are unit about making balanced choices. We will be finishing up with our unit reflections this week. Next week we will start our story unit.

The students had their first art lesson with Ms Syvertsen the Art teacher last Friday. The students had fun looking at and creating some unhealthy food art.

Sharing this week: Xavier, Oscar, Andres and Sofie

Class library

We would like to improve and add to our classroom library by providing a variety of text types available to the students. Please donate any real- world reading materials such as pamphlets, postcards, catalogues, recipes, magazines and menus to the class. Comics will also be appreciated. Thank you!

We would like to welcome to Jakub Dzieciniak and his family back to Skagerak who have just returned from Australia!


Goal setting conferences: Wednesday 17th October (No school)

The schedule for the conferences is quickly filling up. If you have not already found a time slot, there are still available spots for this week's student goal setting conference. I look forward to seeing you and your child on Wednesday to discuss their goals for this school year.

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Posted 10/10/2018 05:25PM

Primary School Assembly

We will be having assembly this Friday, October 12th at 2pm in Lars Ask auditorium in the High School Building. All parents are welcome to attend. PY5 is the featured class presenting songs and work from their first unit of inquiry. Kindergarten K5 students will share a song. PY3 and PY5 also have songs to share. A few ELA students may also present poems they have written. We would love to see you there!

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Posted 10/08/2018 01:00PM

Forest fun!

The students had a wonderful time spending the day in the forest just before the break. We had beautiful weather on the day to enjoy roasting pølser and marshmallows. Thank you to Knut, Espen and Martha who were able to help us on the day!

We have been comparing numbers for math. Using words such as 'is lesser than, ' is greater than '. The students looked at the < > and = symbols to record comparisons of numbers, number amounts and addition and subtraction expressions. This week we will be doing counting activities with base 10 blocks and recording addition facts with dominoes.

For language the students have been working on creating a collaborative recipe book of healthy snacks. They have been looking at procedural writing in class and have engaged in recipe writing in small group work.

PY1 visited the classroom before the break to share what they know about friendship. The two classes did some friendship activities which involved coming up with friendship conflicts/problems and finding solutions to them. Thank you PY1 for sharing your friendship book with us!

Sharing this week: Jacqueline, Christian, Walter and Ava M


October 17th Parent Conferences (no school for students)

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Posted 09/26/2018 05:04PM

Parent Conferences October 17th. Classes cancelled.

All classes (PY1-DP2) will be cancelled on Wednesday October 17th due to Parent Conferences that are scheduled for all three sections of the school – Primary, Middle and High School. In addition, SFO and after-school clubs are cancelled as well.

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Posted 09/24/2018 11:00AM

PY2 Update

For our unit, the PY2 students were invited to participate in some yoga with a local yoga instructor. We had fun moving our bodies in different ways!

We also revisited a question/puzzle that one of the students had about the role of blood in our body and nutrition. The students looked at and learned about the digestive system and what happens to our food as it travels and gets broken down in the body by the different organs, and the role of blood.

In math we explored even and odd numbers patterns with concrete and visual models. We also continued to work on skip counting. This week we will work on fact strategies and addition number stories.

For language we have continued developing our stamina and independence when choosing work from our daily task board. The students have engaged in tasks such as word study which requires the students to do word sorts; sorting words according to their spelling patterns. We worked on writing sentences and have reviewed the magic 'e' words in class.

On Friday afternoon PY2 merged with PY1 and PY3 to facilitate some fun free choice activities for the students!

Sharing this week:

André, Max A, Max W and K.L.


This Friday PY1 and PY2 will be spending the day in the forest. Please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing for this weather. Please let me know if you are able to join and help us on the day.

October break (1-5th October)

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Posted 09/17/2018 11:28AM

PY2 update

For maths the students will continue to establish and review the daily routine. They will continue to work with number lines in pairs. The students will practice facts to the sum of 10 in a game situation. We will also engage in skip counting by 10s and 5s.

Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

Central Idea: Making balanced choices about daily routines enables us to have a healthy lifestyle.

Lines of inquiry

  • Daily habits and routines
  • Balanced choices
  • Consequences of choices

For the unit last week, we did a survey in class about breakfast, using the data gathered to create a class graph. We played games about the different food groups, and have started keeping our own breakfast diary to record what we eat each day. We learned about the different types of nutrients that we get from the different food groups and how it provides our bodies with energy and helps us grow. We have been listening to a story about the different food groups called The Royal Food Family. This week we will continue to explore another daily routine for a healthy balanced lifestyle – exercise. We have been given the opportunity to visit a local yoga studio to explore the different ways of moving our bodies. We will also be working on creating a list of questions for a personal trainer to find out why exercise is important.

In language we have been learning to become more independent when choosing and engaging in our language tasks. We will be looking at sentences and punctuation this week. We will also continue to practice developing our reading skills with focus on using the accuracy strategy for cross checking any words we don't understand when we read.

Please return readers for new ones next Monday.

Sharing this week: Ava H, Amadeus, Mia, Isabela

Friday fun at the park

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Posted 09/12/2018 04:08PM

After school clubs 2018-19

School clubs start from Monday 10 September.

Homework Club for our PY2 to MY4 students meets on Mondays 3:15-4:00 pm, Tuesdays 2:45-4:00 pm in the PY3 classroom. Kristina Unhjem,, is responsible for the homework club this year.

The Math Club, lead by our principal Mr Tester,, will be held in the PC Lab on Mondays from 3:15 to 4:00 pm - for all grade levels.

Our popular Chess Club is continuing and will be run by principal James Tester, in the PY4-5-6 hallway after school on Thursdays, 3:15-4:00 pm - for all grade levels.

The French Language Club for proficient speakers is meeting on Tuesdays at 2:45-3:45 pm in the PY4 classroom and is led by Emilie D F Bevand,

The Polish Language Club for proficient speakers will meet in the PY3 classroom on Tuesdays 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm. Justina Sliwinska can be contacted for details, Start up depends on the number of students.

This year we are starting up with a German Language Club for proficient speakers. It will be held on Tuesdays from 2:45 to 4:00 pm in PY6. Contact persons are Pia and Lutz Lundberg,

New this year is Brainobrain, a programme emphasizing concentration and mathematics skills. Please contact Brainobrain directly for more information and signing up: It is held in the PY5 classroom on Tuesdays 2:30-4:30 pm. There is a fee for this service.

Our Robotics Club is expanding and we will have Robotics on Wednesdays 3:15-4:00 pm for all students and for PY3 on Tuesdays at Primary lunchtime, 12:45-1:00 pm. Both classes are held in room 401. Mr Baragwanath,, is still responsible for the club.

New this year is our Sewing Club - an exciting handicraft club, initiated by our Middle school students. It is held in the library on Mondays, 3:15-4:30. Please contact Lea Mathilde in MY2 for more information,

Do you have any extra small jobs around the home or perhaps you need a babysitter? Our SFO supervisor Ms Carol King, has compiled a list of Middle and High school students interested in offering their services for a fee - please contact her at

Future Problem Solvers is back, run by Ms Schäfer. It is held in room 401 on Fridays from 8:00 to 8:45 am. Please contact Ms Schäfer for more information,

Interested in the theatre? Either back stage or acting - do not forget Skagerak's very own Skagerak Playmakers. This year's production is Alice in Wonderland - see more details on their very own site webpage here.

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Posted 09/10/2018 01:00PM

PY2 update

Last week the students unpacked their first unit of inquiry by engaging in a thinking routine called Think, Puzzle, Explore. This led to discussions and questions about the topic.

The student started their unit about making balanced choices for a healthy lifestyle by engaging every morning in mindfulness meditation. This encourages self awareness, focus and kindness. We have been concentrating on listening to the different sounds in the environment, and focusing on our breathing. We have also been learning what it means to listen with our whole body.

The students have been investigating into what a healthy balanced meal looks like and learning about the different food groups. Last week we examined and dissected our lunches to see what types of food groups were present in our food. If you have experience or expertise in this area, and would like to come into the classroom as a guest visitor/speaker, please let me know. We would love parent involvement.

For language we have been learning what writers do in our writing workshop. We have been practising writing about topics that we know and care about, and adding detail to our work. We have also been developing our stamina as readers and writers. This week we will be learning about the writer's toolbox and reviewing the things we do each session in writer's workshop.

For math we have been exploring patterns on a number grid, and making a class number scroll. We have also been reviewing rules for working in small groups and with a partner. This week we will use addition and subtraction to write equivalent names for numbers. We will also reinforce place-value concepts by skip counting on calculators.

Thank you to the parents who were able to join us for the Curriculum Night. It was nice to share with you some of the things we do in the PY2 classroom.

Sharing this week:

Mia, Isabela, Amadeus and Ava H.

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Posted 08/28/2018 05:04PM

A course for improving maths and concentration skills, PY2-MY2

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Posted 08/28/2018 04:44PM

Little Brainobrain, a curiosity and creativity course for children.

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Posted 08/21/2018 04:47PM

Skagerak Day Volunteers

Skagerak Day is September 2nd and the Parent Council Event Committee is looking for volunteers to provide baked goods, and to assist in the cafeteria and grilling station. Please click on the link below for more information.

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Welcome to PY2

Tru Andersen

Contact teacher

Jeanett Clausen

Norwegian teacher

Sarah Sommerschield

Music teacher

Patrick Holmes

PE teacher

Bente Syvertsen

Visual Art teacher

    • ThuFeb28 PYP Exhibition information meeting for PY6 parents 3:00 PM

      All PY6 parents are encouraged to attend. The meeting is held in the PY6 classroom

    • ThuFeb28 Barnevakten presentation for parents 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

      The presentation will focus on cyber security at home, gaming addiction and other important digital information pieces for parents in 2019

    • SatMar09 Parent dugnad

      Parent Council will organise the renovation of the Future Room - details to come

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