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Welcome to Kindergarten News page!

We look forward to and are excited to be sharing with you our kindergarten classroom! Here you will be updated with what the students are learning in class, any classroom news, reminders or events. Links for learning resources, and tips on how to help support your child’s learning at home, will also be made available here.

Primary school 17-18 assembly schedule

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Posted 04/23/2018 04:03PM

Last week

The children are very excited about the seeds we have planted, often checking the greenhouse and commenting on the first sprouts breaking through.

On Friday, we spent all day outside, visiting Ms Torp's backyard. We ate lunch, took turns jumping on the trampoline and looked for the first signs of spring in the plants, flowers and birds.

For our letter of the week, 'W', we snacked on a watermelon, contributed by Lewis.

This week

Thank you to everyone who has brought in milk cartons, we now have enough for our unit!

The letter of the week is 'J'. We are going to read books and have a letter hunt. The children will also practice writing both the upper case and lower case of the letter 'J'.

The children are going to create a story together and practice a song that we have been learning. We are starting with our unit "Where we are in Place and Time" where we will inquire into how toys have changed and will continue to change over time. If you have any games or toys from your childhood to share that we can borrow for a short period, please bring them to the kindergarten.

On Friday, we will have an assembly that starts at 2 pm and the kindergarten children will sing a song. Hope to see you there.

Have a great week.

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Posted 04/16/2018 10:12AM

Baking Zucchini bread and making preparations for planting seed

This week

This week we will be working with the letter 'W'. We will be planting seeds for carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, cress, flowers and herbs and therefore need lots of empty milk cartons. If you have any please bring them to kindergarten. Kindergarten children will also spend some time this week with PY1.

K5 did not go swimming last week because of a misunderstanding with the taxi company so we will therefore have our last swimming lesson this Wednesday. Please bring your child's swimming gear.

Have a great week.

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Posted 04/10/2018 11:27AM

Last week

Over the past four weeks the students have been working with the "How we organize ourselves" unit of inquiry and we are now finished with this unit.

The children have made their summative assessment together in groups, where they designed and built their transportation using cardboard, paint, tape and colorful paper. The three groups produced a racing car, an airplane and a ferry. The children were creative, inquisitive and communicative. They spent a lot of time role playing and using their transportation.

MURAL- As a group project, each child brought a picture of themselves using a type of transportation. The class painted a mural with land, air and water with each child painting the area of the mural that coincided with the type of transport in their picture. They then cut out their picture, drew part of the transportation they were in if it was not visible from their picture, and glued it onto the mural. The mural, entitled "We Are Going Places", was displayed in the front hallway for all to enjoy.

On Friday, we finished the reflection where the children had to define transportation, come up with names of transportation and drew transportation that is used on water, land and air. Then they spent the day playing outside in a beautiful sunny day.

This week

Letter of the week: Z. We are going to bake zucchini bread and write words starting with Z.

Math: Children will play a game to practice decomposing numbers and finding a missing part of 10.

Before we start with our "Where we are in place and time" unit of inquiry, we are going to take the opportunity to get a head start on our unit "Sharing the Planet", planting seeds which will take some time to grow.

Transdisciplinary theme: Where we are in place and time

Central idea: Toys and games have changed over time and we will continue to change

Lines Inquiry:

  • The reason why we play
  • Similarities and differences of toys
  • How toys and games have changed over time.

Students will explore a variety of toys/ games. Can students invent their own game? If you have any unusual toys from old day that you could borrow to kindergarten please let me know.

Wednesday 11 April is the last day of swimming for K5 students.

Have a great week.

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Posted 03/14/2018 12:36PM

New outdoor toys

Last spring, we sold our mini beast book that the kindergarten children had made. With the funds raised, we bought plastic cars for the Kindergarten, PY1&2 children to play outside. Now, with the rest of the money we bought little shovels, buckets and watering cans that tolerate frost. The children are very excited - thank you for your support!

Unit of Inquiry

We made a traffic light to use in the classroom. The children drew and displayed their own vehicles for all to see.

Ms Rue played the red light game: children had to walk towards Ms. Rue but she when turned around and showed the red light, those who were still moving had to go back to start. The one who got the closest to Ms Rue won the game and got to be the traffic light.

We also made a train with rope and had fun sorting pictures of different kinds of transportation into the categories of land, air and water.

On Friday, we went to Lille Briske and had fun tobogganing. Upon returning we painted on the snow before going inside to eat popcorn and dress up in kindergarten costumes.

This week

The letter of the week is B and we are going to read books, sing songs and rhymes starting with B. We are also going to look for different boats outside.

Children are making preparations for the student led conferences, and working with transportation in small groups.

Kindergarten student led conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, the 20th of March. The kindergarten will not close early. The conferences will run from 13:00 – 17:00. To sign up for a 1 hour time slot, please go to the following link. Students can be picked up from the SFO side on this day.

Thank you, wish you a great week.

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Posted 03/06/2018 01:14PM

Kindergarten student led conferences - Tuesday 20 March

All parents have received an email regarding Kindergarten student led conferences scheduled for Tuesday, the 20th of March. The kindergarten will not close early.The conferences will run from 13:00 – 17:00. Please use the following link to sign up for a 1-hour time slot.

Student led conference are conferences in which the students become the leaders and the parents become the active listeners and inquirers. Parents are invited into the classroom to engage with their children in learning activities, evaluating goals and viewing student portfolios.
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Posted 03/05/2018 09:22PM

Unit work

Lines of inquiry - How and why different types of vehicles are commonly used?

We have started our "All Aboard" unit. The children were encouraged to tell about their winter break and what kind of transportation they may have used then. A tally mark with pictures of different means of transportation was drawn on the whiteboard, indicating which transportation was the most and least common.

The boys played with paper airplanes using a target made with the help of Ms Rue. Each boy wrote a number on the target so they could count points every time they threw the airplane through the holes - some girls joined in the fun too!

On Wednesday while K5 attended the swimming course, K4 had PE with Ms Torp.


In Norwegian class the children made candles out of wax, as the word for candle in Norwegian, lys, starts with the letter "L".

K4 played a memory game where we covered the objects with a blanket, removed one object, and the player had to guess what was missing. We matched the beginning sound of the object to the correct letter.

K5 read a book about hidden animals in nature where children had to retell the story to their friend. We talked about difficult words and what types of camouflage animals use.

On Friday, we went to the school library - L for Library - and each child chose a book to take to the kindergarten to read. The children had to think of words starting with L, and each one got to circle around the letter L on the whiteboard.

In this cold weather, teachers in kindergarten will apply cold cream to your child's face before they go out for the first recess. If your child is allergic or has sensitive skin please let us know.

This week

This week we will continue to work with transportation, looking at the different groups of transportation, learning new songs and rhyme, and going on a transportation hunt!

The letter of the week is F.

For this unit I kindly ask you to please send me by email, a picture of your child in transport and a picture of your car.

Thank you and wish you a great week.

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Posted 02/15/2018 10:51PM
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Posted 02/14/2018 12:01PM

Last week

On the 6th of February it was the Sami day. They are the only indigenous people in Scandinavia that are recognized and protected under the international conventions of indigenous peoples, and are hence one of the northernmost indigenous people of Europe. We listened to Sami music and talked about their culture.

We also made rune-bumme sami drums, painting the drum with coffee to make it look like fur. The drums have a unique mix of motives - fish, fur animals and game birds - representing a drum owner who was more of a hunter than a reindeer herder. Each child got to make their own motive.

On the same day children celebrated Aronas 6th birthday, where he chose popcorn - it was fun!.

Each child made their own bracelet and necklace with Cheerios, since Cheerios have an 'O' shape. The children were also very well behaved when we went to the store to buy cheese that starts with 'O' in Norwegian, using it later on to make delicious 'ostesmørbrød'.

This week

This week is the is the letter 'U'. We are going to make umbrellas, read books and words starting with u and make a magazine collage.

On Thursday 15th February, the kindergarten is having a carnival and the children can come with a costume of their own choice - we can also provide a costume if necessary. There will be a surprise!

Kindergarten is closed on Friday 16th because of professional development day for teachers.

Have a wonderful week and winter break!

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Posted 02/07/2018 09:30AM

Last week: Music bingo

The children were divided into small groups and each group was given a card with pictures of instruments. When they heard the sound of a musical instrument, they had to place a coin on top of the picture of the instrument that they thought they heard, before they were shown which instrument it really was.

The accordion was very popular and everyone wanted to try it. I also brought my guitar and we played some Norwegian songs. We talked about the three types of instruments: percussion, wood wind and string and some could already classify instruments by group. It was amazing to see how quick they learned the differences.

After finishing making drums and a harmonica, we started to make guitars. Each child had a box and painted it their favourite colour. Lewis asked if we could make a music instrument parade, where each child picked an instrument and marched inside the classroom playing on their instrument.

Language: We worked with the letter G, learned the words leg, goggle, goose, great, gum, girl, glug, gurgle and guitar.

Some of the K5 students built words with cvc blocks and pictures.

This week:

Since we have worked a lot with music for the last two weeks in our year long music unit, we are starting with a new unit this week.

New Unit : How We Organize Ourselves

Central Idea: Transportation impacts societies and the environment

Lines of Inquiry:

  • How and why different types of vehicles are commonly used
  • How transport vehicles affect society and the environment
  • How transport vehicles has changed over time.

This is such an engaging, creative unit with plenty of opportunities for hands on learning. Children will be able to identify a variety of modes of transportation and why they are used by us. They will be able to describe how different modes of transportation are used in different environments and the affects of this.

We have swimming class for our K5 students on Wednesday - please do not forget swimming clothes and towel.

Thursday, February 15th: We will celebrate Carnival in kindergarten, please bring a costume for your child and we will have a disco for all of the kindergartens during the day.

Friday, February 16th is professional development day for teachers and kindergarten will be closed.

Have a great week.

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Posted 02/02/2018 02:11PM

Carnival, new date March 8th

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Posted 01/31/2018 10:11AM

Drop off and Pick up

We realize the weather has not been great but, we need to remind all Primary School students and parents that Kindergarten through PY6 students are not allowed in the High School Cafe before school. If a student arrives before 8:30 am they must go to SFO if they would like to be inside.

At dismissal time, all Primary School students must exit the red building unless they are attending a supervised club.

Thank you!

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Posted 01/23/2018 01:13PM

In the classroom

Last week

The children made up a long and funny story with words starting with letter D, each child contributing with a word and a sentence. They will recite the story at the assembly on Friday.

K4 made numbers 1 to 10 with play-dough and K5 practiced numbers 10 to 20 in beds of salt.

During our Friday outing, the children went on a scavenger hunt for letters D and M on the property behind the school. They were split into three groups and given clipboards with 12 different items to find. They did an excellent job working together to find the items that were hidden outside.

We celebrated Cecilia`s 5th birthday. Cecilia chose popcorn and shared popcorn with her friends.

This week

Marvelous music: We are going to make drums and stick harmonicas. If you have any empty cans at home please send it to kindergarten so that we can make our drums. Inara made a harmonica of popsicle sticks at home with her parents, and played it for the whole class. The children loved it and asked if they could make one too.

New letter: G, read books and play games.

Friday: Assembly at 14:00 - come and watch kindergarten and the whole school in the Lars Ask auditorium in the High school.

Have a nice week.

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Posted 01/18/2018 11:41AM

Digital January 2018 reports now issued

A note to all parents that the digital copy of their child's January 2018 progress report is now available online. For Primary parents click on the Portfolio tab for the student reflection, and Report tab for the report. For Middle and High school students, the student reflection is included within the report. Please log on to your ManageBac account to access your child's report. Contact the school office if you require assistance.
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Posted 01/15/2018 11:37AM

I would like to welcome Tilde Perander and her family to Skagerak International School. Tilde started in kindergarten last week and her brother Walter started in PY1.

Fallon Torp is back from her maternity leave, so I would like to welcome her too - the kindergarten staff is very happy to have her back.

New Unit of Inquiry

This week we started our How We Express Ourselves unit of inquiry, which is an exploration of marvelous music.

Central idea: We can express ourselves through making music and responding to music.

Lines of inquiry:

  • How we respond to music?
  • How do we express ourselves through music around the world?
  • How do various musical instruments create musical sound?

In this unit the children will be given several examples of different types of music and instruments to respond to through movement or words. They will also listen to different types of music from around the world.

Guests and visitors will be invited to share dances, music or songs with the children. If you play any instrument or have anyone in your family that could come and share their talent in kindergarten please let me know.

We will create a large map of the world, marking on it the different places where the music we have listened to, has come from. We will be taking a musical journey around the world.

In the classroom

We celebrated Jakob's 6th and Alexandru's 5th birthday. Jakob chose popcorn on Tuesday and Alexandru chose hot dogs on Wednesday.

The letter of the week was M. Miss Torp read the children If You Give a Moose a Muffin and The Mitten.

As a class, we created our very own mooseberry jam muffins and enjoyed them on Friday. The children made up their own mooseberry jam recipe, after tasting both salt and sugar. The vote was unanimous, sugar was the best addition to our jam. The results were delicious!

This week

Letter: D , read books starting with letter D. The children will make dinosaur and daisy crafts

Math: Numbers

Marvelous music: Make instruments

Thank you

Ms Rue, Ms Carter and myself would like to thank parents for the lovely end of year gifts. It was very kind and thoughtful of you and much appreciated.

Have a great week!

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Posted 12/12/2017 11:14AM

Bottle drive for Doctors without Borders, 10-12 January

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Posted 12/12/2017 11:09AM

Fundraising bake sale for UNICEF

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Posted 12/08/2017 04:45PM

Primary Winter Performance - 14 December

We welcome you to the Skagerak Primary School winter toy room on Thursday 14th December, to come and meet the new members of our toy room. They have been hand-picked to represent some of the most iconic toys children have played with for hours, days, months and years. Just how many Russian dolls can you find hiding? Why do kites fly so high? And what really happens when the teddy bears have their picnic?

Play starts at 18:00 and students are asked to arrive at 17:30, in full costume
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Posted 12/08/2017 02:28PM

Holiday greetings from the principal

Christmas holidays are soon upon us and we are nearing the halfway mark of the school year. As we soon enjoy holidays across the globe or in beautiful Sandefjord, I thought I would give you an overview of the upcoming dates and other information before we start the holidays. As always, if you have any questions or require more information about the events below, please contact the school.

Middle school movie night Friday December 8th

The Middle School student council is hosting a Christmas Movie video evening on Friday December 8th with movies catering to Middle School students. This is a student run event.

High school flea market December 12th, 11:30 – 15:15

Donate your rarely-used clothes and belongings at high school's Hope for Justice CAS Christmas flea market on Tuesday December 12th, 11:30-15:15. Donations may be dropped off at the high school office on December 11th at the latest.

Primary and Middle school Santa Hat Day Thursday December 14th

Primary and Middle school students show their holiday school spirit by wearing their best Santa hat to school, a student run event. HoHoHo!

Primary school Winter Performance on Thursday December 14th, 6 pm to 8pm

Ms. Sommerschield and the Primary students and staff have been hard at work on this year's Winter Performance Primary production. The show will be from 6 pm to 8pm in the High School auditorium followed by Christmas carols organized by the Parent Council, including a visit from a special guest. Children are to meet up from at 5:30 pm.

Middle school Ugly Sweater Day on Friday December 15th

Friday December 15th is also the Annual Ugly Sweater day in the Middle school with everyone encouraged to wear their most hideous sweater. Always a good laugh!

Lunchtime dismissal on the last day of school Friday December 15th

A reminder that the last day before the December holiday is a half day with students being dismissed at 12:00 in the Primary school and 12:15 in the Middle School.

Holiday office hours

The school administration will be open 10 am to 2 pm 18- 19 December and will then close for holidays. The office reopens 3 January.

Monday January 8th school starts

School resumes with normal times from Monday January 8th.

School calendar for 2018-2019

The school calendar for 2018-2019 has now been approved by the board and can be found on our website on the calendar page.

Lost and found

Every year an expansive collection of Lost and Found items are collected in the Primary and Middle school. These items are displayed in the front hallway of the red building until next week. Please take an opportunity to peruse the items. All remaining items will be donated to charity on December 15th.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, students and parents for their continued support from the start of the year. Skagerak is truly a community and it is at this time of year that it really shows, in the hallways, classrooms and in the students faces. The 2018 school year will bring new learning experiences, new challenges and new fun. I look forward to what lies ahead for us as at Skagerak!

I hope to see as many parents as possible at the Primary winter performance or before the break begins next Friday, but if not I wish you all Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness during this Holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Kind regards, James Tester
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Posted 12/05/2017 12:50PM

Last week

The children were assessed individually in the different subjects, such as math and language. We read aloud in small reading groups and the children wrote letters and words in beds of salt. We read the story about Lucia which made a real impact on the children, inspiring them to draw pictures of soldiers and Lucia giving food to the poor.

On Friday the weather was beautiful and we played at the park.

This week

We will continue to practice singing songs for the upcoming events. The children will make the soup for Friday's party with the parents so on Wednesday they will cut vegetables in groups.

Next week

Wednesday, December 13th: St. Lucia parade at 08:00 am. Please join us for an early morning, candle-lit parade where the children will sing a new song they have learned. Afterwards we will enjoy homemade buns - lussekatter - and a warm drink. Please remember to dress your child in white, and make sure they are ready by 8:00 am.

Thursday, December 14th: Winter show at 18:00 in the high school auditorium, a celebration of iconic toys from around the world. We would like students to dress all in black or other dark colours. Students are to meet up at 17:30.

Friday, December 15th: We celebrate the start of the holiday season in the morning and ask parents to please bring snacks to share between the children.This is an early dismissal day and students need to be picked up at 12:00. Bring an extra bag to take all cubby and other items home.

Have a great week.

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Posted 11/27/2017 10:04AM

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Posted 11/24/2017 10:20AM

We are fast approaching the winter holidays which can mean only one thing – winter show time! This year's winter show will take place on the evening of Thursday 14th December, at 18:00. Please could you let me know if your child will not be around to take part in the show.

This year's winter show is a celebration of iconic toys from around the world. Each class has been given a toy and they will be performing a short play about its history and a song. As with every other year there are no expectations over the costumes. However, I have included a brief description of what your child's class is doing and suggestions about what they could wear.

KG will be telling the story of the rubics cube. This ties in nicely to their current unit on patterns, as the children will be dressed as colours and moving to music to make patterns and find similar colours. In the classroom children will be painting coloured squares to have on the front of them. We would like to request that, aside from the coloured squares, students be dressed all in black, or other dark colours.

Also, if there are any parents who would like to get involved with other prop preparation please contact me and I can send some projects in your direction. Thank you in advance, and please get in contact if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.

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Posted 11/20/2017 06:18PM

Making patterns

Classroom tables were filled with paints, paper rolls, feathers, fabric, popsicle sticks, glue, colorful rice, pasta, styrofoam and much more! Each child first drew their own pattern and then made the same pattern using the materials available. When interviewed by Ms Allen, they had some incredible answers to such questions as: What is a pattern? What kind of materials have you used? Is your pattern human made or nature made? Can you see your pattern in the environment? We made a PowerPoint presentation of it all and showed at the assembly on Friday.

We are almost finished with our unit of inquiry on patterns and the children will reflect by telling or drawing their favorite part of the unit. We will start practicing our Christmas songs and making gifts for Christmas. Observations will also be made for the progress reports for children doing different activities in language, PE and math.

Have a nice week.

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Posted 11/20/2017 10:00AM
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Posted 11/15/2017 11:31AM
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Posted 11/14/2017 08:30AM

In the classroom

This week we were excited to meet Lewis, who joined our class all the way from Houston - welcome Lewis!

Language The children worked with the letter E and in Norwegian class we baked eplepai (apple pie). We read a story about an elephant who wanted a bicycle. He saved money to buy it by working with picking up garbage in the streets. When he finally saved enough money he bought the bike, but by that time the bike was too small for him. He then gave it to a girl who really wanted a bike but could not afford it. We talked about how important it is to give away old toys to someone who needs it .

Math and Unit of inquiry The children cut out numbers from 1 to 12 and glued them on a egg carton. They then had to place the amount of coins in each space that matched the number. We also played a number game where colourful circles were labelled with numbers from 1 to 20 and the children had to count to the number and add the same number of objects on each circle. Shawn recognized the circle as a pattern.

In music each child played a musical instrument, and the others had to follow the rhythm.

The letter for this week is H and we will continue to work with patterns.

Have a nice week.

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    • FriApr27 Sustainability Museum 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

      Culmination of the Middle school focus week on sustainable consumption and purposeful reuse.

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