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See selected pictures below from April 2015 production of The Story of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe performed at Verdensteateret .

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Welcome to this year's production

Rumblebuffin and the Dwarf

Awakening from the White Witch’s curse Rumblebuffin (Herman Sommernes and Isabel Varmo) and the dwarf (Mattis Lundberg) prepare to go and fight the witch.

The White Witch

The White Witch (Fanny Stiansen) contemplates her next move.

Peter and Aslan

Peter (William Larsen) and Aslan (Sølvi Gruithof and Daniel Egeland) survey the area of Cair Parvel.

Maugrim and Edmund

Maugrim (Dimana Bosnova) threatens Edmund (Linus Lindergren) in revealing the whereabouts of his siblings.

Mr and Mrs Beaver

Portrait of Mr and Mrs Beaver (Amanda Støhr-Jensen and Craig Robertson).

Hags, wolves and minotaurs

A gathering of the baddies and uglies. The youngest actors (Victoria, Roksana, Hans and Stian) played the parts of hags and wolves and minotaurs.

The Kings and Queens of Narnia

The Kings and Queens of Narnia. Lucy (Ida Nordnes), Susan (Milly Leys), Peter (William Larsen) and Edmund (Linus Lindergren) at the end of their adventure in Narnia.

Battle action

One of many action-filled scenes. Peter (William Larsen) fends off the wolf (Marcel Pollestad) while Aslan looks on.

Aslan and Susan

Susan (Milly Leys) and Aslan on the way to the White Witch's castle.

Frozen unicorn

Susan (Milly Leys) and Lucy (Ida Nordnes) looking at a frozen unicorn (Ramona Lundberg) at the White Witch's castle.

Mr Tumnus and friends

Receiving gifts

Father Christmas (Markus) giving Susan (Milly Leys) a Christmas gift.

Where have you been?

Mr Tumnus and Lucy


Philip and Per-Anders at work behind scenes.

John Goodnow

Beverly Martinsen

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