Primary School Student Council

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Student Council

The student council at the Primary School is involved in representing our student body and offering a forum for students to actively participate in supporting our Skagerak community. The council believes that it is their responsibility to voice the students’ ideas and values.

Council meetings are held every other Monday at lunchtime. The Primary student council president keeps the Middle School student council president informed, and he or she is the primary’s voice at the school’s board meetings.

Members 2020/2021

To be a member of the student council is a big responsibility. First of all you need to make sure everybody in the school has fun and never feel that they have been left out. You need to come to every meeting, listen to everybody’s ideas and assist each other in making ideas a reality. Being in student council is very important part of the school, because you are going to decide what things are to be achieved, and what and when special days are going to be etc.We want to thank the representatives for joining student council.

Primary School Student Council Reps

Nolan Tester
Nolan TesterBMAC
Raphael Rodhe
Raphael RodheBMAC
Tilde Perander
Tilde PeranderBMAC
Joäo Rei de Melo Pessoa («Goncalo»)
Joäo Rei de Melo Pessoa («Goncalo») BMAC
Gustavo Luis Henriques da Silva dos Santos
Gustavo Luis Henriques da Silva dos SantosBMAC
Aronas Doksas
Aronas DoksasBMAC
Chaitanya Srigiri
Chaitanya SrigiriBMAC
Walter Perander
Walter Perander BMAC
Elivia Fredriksen
Elivia Fredriksen BMAC
Tomasz Dzieciniak
Tomasz Dzieciniak BMAC
Casper Nilsen
Casper NilsenBMAC
Elisabeth Hansen
Elisabeth Hansen BMAC
Markus Edvard Jakobsen
Markus Edvard Jakobsen BMAC
Xavier Esteves Laranjinha
Xavier Esteves LaranjinhaBMAC
Tomas Artur Moen
Tomas Artur MoenBMAC


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