Skagerak Library

Come in and take a look around…

Our library is divided between two sites: The Junior Library in the Primary and Middle School, and the Senior Library, the Elisabeth Norr Library, in the High School.

Welcome to the Junior Library

The Junior Library is further divided into PYP and MYP areas, and has a range of non-fiction, fiction and picture books to suit all ages. We have books in Norwegian and English, and are continuously expanding our home language selection to support the many different languages our students speak at home.

The PYP section of the Junior Library is a spacious, cheery place for browsing, reading, and studying. It is especially accessible for our youngest readers, with fairy-tale book crates filled with picture books. Primary School classes visit the library once a week with their teacher or Ms. Brattested to choose books.

The MYP section of the Junior Library, located in the room right beside the PYP section, is a bright, peaceful space for independent study and reading. Lunch-time study hall takes place here a few days a week.

Senior Library

The Senior Library is housed in the High School building. It operates a self-checkout system for students. This part of the library has a range of subscription magazines, and a growing non-fiction section designed to support the Diploma Programme. It is an invaluable space for self-study and research, group work and independent reading.

Digital Library

On this library page, you will find links below to the Senior Library, Junior Library, and the Follett Destiny Catalogue, where you will find an abundance of resources and information. Some of the links may be under construction, but there is still plenty to explore.

We hope it will be a “first-stop” for support and information on research and information literacy, academic honesty, and citation, or simply reading for pleasure and to see what is happening in the library.

The library team is happy to help with any queries you may have.

Maura Brattested, PYP/MYP Library Assistant

Emma Nordkvelle-Combs, Primary School Librarian

Sarah Sommerschield, Middle School Librarian

Orsolya Csakvary, High School Librarian