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A dyslexia friendly school

In October 2010 Skagerak International School commenced the process of becoming a dyslexia friendly school, and at the beginning of 2011 we became the 11th school in Norway – and the first international school – to receive the award from the Norwegian Dyslexia Association. It was emphasized that we had done pioneer work by being the first school in Norway where English speaking students could be assessed and diagnosed using English assessment programmes, recommended by the British Dyslexia Association. We are also certified to use the Norwegian LOGOS test, a diagnostic dyslexia test.

Why is Skagerak dyslexia friendly?

  • We have been a member of the Dysleksi Norge Association since 2010.
  • We have early intervention, e.g. Reading Recovery sessions.
  • Students are encouraged to use Word templates, set in a suitable font and size as well as background colour to assist with reading and writing.
  • All dyslexic students/students with specific reading or writing difficulties can use Textpilot 3 or Lingpilot for Mac compensating software and are instructed how to use it. These are spelling support and speech to text programmes.
  • We use assessment tools created for students from Kindergarten to High School
  • Students are assessed with LOGOS, LASS 8-11 and LASS 11-15. In addition to this LUCID RAPID can be used from K5 in order to discover any language challenges at a very early stage.
  • All students have access to Microsoft Learning Tools in Office 365. This is also supporting software with several Dyslexia friendly functions, e.g. speech to text, text to speech, spelling and grammar support and voice recording.
  • Audiobooks are available in both English and Norwegian. Most of the Middle School literature curriculum is available on audiobooks. Our Library is also recently updated and offers audiobooks through Overdrive.
  • Our students with reading and/or writing challenges are supported to become members of NLB (Norsk lyd- og blindeskriftbibliotek) which is a free library of audiobooks in Norwegian, as well as Statped, where they can order subject books. On Teams, we have a Dyslexia team. Here the students can also find unit- relevant audiobooks.
  • Instructions, tasks, and assignments are uploaded to Managebac, and students use class websites.
  • All teachers have access to updated information on dyslexia, useful links, advice and tips about teaching dyslexic students.
  • Teachers teach to different learning styles and follow the inquiry-based curriculum.
  • Small reading groups are used for support. All our dyslexic students have an IEP.
  • There is close collaboration between the school and parents. Guidance and support is provided.
  • We collaborate with other international and local schools.
  • Our staff are lifelong learners who continuously seek to improve their teaching strategies.