Transition to High School

High school is a critical milestone in a student’s academic journey. At Skagerak, we work with students and families to ensure a smooth transition.

Applying to High School

The transition to high school begins for our students in MY4 (Grade 10). High school, or “videregående skole,” is a three-year program that prepares students for higher education or the workforce

Like students all across Norway, MY4 students begin to consider the options available to them the following year. Information sessions, academic counselling, visits to open days at high schools all help to give students a well rounded picture of what options are available to them.

Skagerak High School – Sandefjord Campus

Our Sandefjord campus offers students the opportunity to complete their IB education with the Diploma Programme (DP). Attending Skagerak High School provides a continuity of education for our students, and a smoother transition to the demands of high school.

Choosing the Diploma Programme (DP) from an MYP school has many advantages. The MYP framework is designed to provide a strong foundation in academic skills and knowledge, preparing students for the rigor of the DP. Approaches to learning (ATLs) like critical thinking, research, and communication skills that students have worked at developing in the MYP, enable students to be successful in the DP and beyond. 

Academic counselling

The transition to high school can be a challenging experience, as students must consider adapting to new routines, expectations, and social dynamics. However, it is also a time of growth and self-discovery, where students can explore the possibilities available to them.

To help navigate the process, the school’s academic counselor, helps MY4 students (and parents) throughout the year to understand the process of applying to high school. The application for high schools is done nationally through a central portal, VIGO, and sessions are designed to ensure families can complete necessary information in time for formal deadlines. 

*Applications for Skagerak High School work alongside the VIGO system but additional contracts must be completed (as with other years in the school) to ensure a place is secured.