School Clubs

School Clubs at Skagerak are for all age groups, providing opportunities for students to meet during or after school for creative service activities. The experiential learning is important at Skagerak and a way to compliment traditional learning.

Contact Information, Meeting Times and Sign Up Sheets will be sent around to parents in September after Clubs are formalized.

PS Homework Club
PS Homework ClubHomework Club for our PY2 to PY6 meets on Tuesdays 12:00-13:30 in the PY2 and PY3 classrooms.
Skagerak Playmakers
Skagerak PlaymakersInterested in the theatre? Either back stage or acting - do not forget Skagerak's very own Skagerak Playmakers. There are 3 groups: Mini PY1-PY3 on Tuesdays, Junior PY4-PY6 on Mondays, and Senior MY-DP on Wednesdays.
MS Homework Club
MS Homework ClubHomework Club for our MY1-MY4 meets on Mondays 15:00-16:00 and Friday from 11:30-12:30 in Room 200.
Silver Surfers
Silver SurfersA dedicated group of Middle School students as part of their Action and Service commitment have been busy bridging the digital divide. They go out into the community to help the elderly with computer skills and training.
Help Wanted
Help WantedDo you have any small jobs or large jobs around the home, painting, yard work, stacking wood or perhaps you need a babysitter? Ms Carol King, has compiled a list of Middle and High school students interested in offering their services for a reasonable fee. Very hard workers that need the money and want to help! The list includes all contact information within the area they live in, languages they speak and if they have a car.
Warhammer Club
Warhammer ClubDrop by every Monday in the canteen for a chill time with Warhammer. No experience or gear needed—just show up, hang out, and enjoy some laid-back tabletop fun with fellow students. See you there!
Art Club
Art ClubJoin us every Tuesday at lunch in the middle school for a creative rendezvous. Our focus is on making a positive impact through art projects around the school—whether it's painting murals that bring spaces to life or crafting props for special events. No art experience required, just bring your enthusiasm and let's turn our school into a canvas of creativity together!
Craft Club
Craft ClubJoin us for a creative lunch break every Monday in the middle school. We'll be crafting a variety of handmade treasures and unique goodies, all with the goal of selling them at events to support charity. No crafting experience necessary—just bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to make a difference. Let's turn our creativity into something meaningful together!
Book Club
Book Club Welcome to Middle School Book Club! Join us every Wednesday at lunch in the library for book discussions and literary adventures. Whether you're a seasoned reader or just curious, grab your lunch, a good book, and let's explore together every Wednesday at lunchtime!
Doctors without Borders
Doctors without BordersWelcome to the Doctors Without Borders Club! Join us every Wednesday at lunch in the library for global health discussions and impactful initiatives. No medical background needed—just bring your curiosity and passion for making a difference. Let's explore the world of healthcare together and contribute to a better future, every Wednesday at lunch!
Beading for a Cause
Beading for a CauseBeading for a Cause is the coolest middle school club where creativity meets compassion! Join us every Thursday at lunch in room 410 to craft beautiful bracelets and other beaded wonders. But here's the best part—we're not just making accessories, we're making a difference. All the funds we raise go straight to charity. Let's bead together and change the world, one bracelet at a time!
Magic the Gathering
Magic the GatheringWelcome to the Magic the Gathering Club! Dive into the mystical realms of card gaming with us every Tuesday after school in room 410. Whether you're a seasoned Planeswalker or just starting your journey, join fellow enthusiasts for epic battles, deck-building strategies, and a whole lot of fun. No experience required—just bring your deck and let the magic unfold! See you on Tuesdays in room 410 for an enchanting gaming experience!