MYP Assessment

At Skagerak International School we prepare you for studies or work anywhere in the world. We help you set your ambitions – and reach them.

Assessment in the MYP follows a criterion-related model. Student’s achievement levels are determined by comparing their learning against qualitative descriptors of achievement. These are developed, globally aligned and reviewed by the IB on an ongoing basis.

Teachers design varied and valid assessment tasks throughout the five years of the programme which allow students to demonstrate achievement according to the objectives of the subject. Assessment tasks may include

  • Open-ended, problem solving activities and investigations
  • Hands-on experimentation
  • Analysis
  • Reflection
  • Independent projects

Through formative assessment, students are provided with feedback on their learning. This includes feedback on thinking processes as well as finished pieces of work. The MYP emphasizes students as active participants in their own learning; self-assessment and peer-assessment help to create purposeful and dynamic learning communities.

Middle School Study Support

Study support is a great way for students to use some independent time to either receive extra support in their subjects or catch up on work. A member of staff is on duty at that time to assist students when needed.

Study support is offered on Mondays after school and can be accessed by all students if they choose. There may be times when subject teachers recommend that a student attends; in this case subject teachers may reach out to parents or suggest it as a way for students to more closely work towards learning goals they are setting in subject areas.