Middle School Student Council

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The Middle School student council meets every week and initiates a number of projects throughout the year. Its members see themselves as doing a service for the school community. They organize the annual prom and arrange other social events for the students. They also support the Primary School when needed. Funds that are raised by the student council are used to improve the school.

Each class is represented by two students. Anyone can contact their class representative if they would like to bring a student matter to the student council.

The chairperson of the Middle School student council consults with the Primary School chairperson and represents all Primary and Middle School students on the school board.

Middle School Student Council Representatives (2021/22)

Sam Venkatraman
Sam Venkatraman
Ragnhild Idland
Ragnhild IdlandTitle
Karl Aamli
Karl AamliTitle
Orla Sweenie
Orla Sweenie Title
John Kvernmo
John KvernmoTitle
Alise Fredriksen
Alise FredriksenTitle
Keona Icalina
Keona IcalinaTitle
Veronika Tsypkina
Veronika TsypkinaTitle
Tamara Moen
Tamara MoenTitle
Celina Abi Saab
Celina Abi SaabTitle

Middle School Student Council Officers (2021/22)

Tobias Rudberg,
Tobias Rudberg,Title
President, MY4
Paula Johansson,
Paula Johansson,Title
Vice-President, MY4
Lydia Demisse
Lydia DemisseTitle
Treasurer, MY3
Mae Sissener
Mae SissenerTitle
Secretary, MY3


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