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Norwegian Language Acquisition

Norwegian Language Acquisition (NLA) is offered to students who are new to Norway or emergent learners still acquiring basic skills to access the mainstream Norwegian curriculum. The purpose for the NLA program is to allow students to build the basic comprehension and confidence needed in all four modes of communication (reading, writing, listening and speaking) as well as developing an appreciation for Norway’s cultural context. Students who demonstrate a capable proficiency begin to make transitions into the mainstream Norwegian classroom.

NLA students focus on learning to understand and express ideas about themselves and the world around them, by reading different types of texts, writing short descriptive accounts and listening to short videos. They explore basic vocabulary and language patterns in order to build sentences and express ideas and opinions in some familiar situations. Emergent learners talk about their daily routine, customs and traditions, describing people and their communities. They explore more challenging vocabulary and language patterns in order to build sentences and express ideas and opinions in more diverse situations.

The NLA teacher and homeroom teachers meet regularly to discuss the needs of students new to Norwegian.


Today is the UN’s International Day of Peace. Our primary and middle school students reflected on the importance of action - what actions can we take to make our communities or the world more peaceful? #peaceday #myp #internationaldayofpeace #internationalbaccalaureate  #internationalmindedness
On Friday, the PY6 students visited Ilene as a provocation for the unit of inquiry “sharing the planet”
The MY1 and MY2 students enjoying their first camp together at Hudøy. A lot of team building activities and three full days to get to know each other better. New friendships forming, new experiences that are helping them grow up even more. 

#skageraktønsberg #internationalbaccalaureate #InternationalSchool
The last Student Assembly, with some highlights from the student awards. #weareskageraktonsberg
Hudøy, celebrating Summer and the completion of our first school year at Skagerak Tønsberg. #hudøy #weareskageraktonsberg
The campaign for the president of the student council is soon complete, leading to the election tomorrow. Thank you for the speeches both candidates delivered as well as the activities both promoted in our community. #weareskageraktonsberg