Kindergarten Fee Schedule

At Skagerak International School we prepare you for studies or work anywhere in the world. We help you set your ambitions – and reach them.

We are now accepting applications, so what are you waiting for?

Skagerak Kindergarten is a non-profit association and seeks to keep the level of fees as low as financially viable. Local kindergarten fees are automatically adjusted 1 January each year by Sandefjord kommune. Our fee schedule will change in accordance with any regulations.

Fees from 1 January 2023

Monthly fee January – December NOK 3.000,-

Opening hours 07:30-16:30 Monday to Friday

Skagerak Kindergarten follows the academic year of Skagerak International School. If food or drink is offered, this will be at an additional charge.

Payment plan

  • A non-refundable, one month advance payment will be invoiced shortly after signing the contract.
  • The remaining balance can be paid in full or in 10 equal monthly instalments.
  • Payment is due the 15th of each month between August and May.
  • The monthly instalment for 2023 is NOK 3.000 January to December.
  • The monthly instalment for 2024 will be adjusted from 1 January 2024. Notice will be given in advance.

Sibling discount

Parents with more than one child in the kindergarten are entitled to a reduction of 30% for the second child and 50% for the third child.

This fee schedule is subject to the regulations and guidelines of Sandefjord kommune.

updated 30 January 2023


Admissions are open for next academic year and we are continuing to grow! Grades 1,2,3 will begin from August 2024. Spaces available for all primary and some middle school classes. #skagerakinternationalschooltønsberg #weareskageraktonsberg #norwegianibschools #internationalbaccalaureate #primaryyearsprogramme #middleyearsprogramme #ibmyp #ibpyp
New things appearing in Tønsberg…have a peek next time you are on campus!  #skagerakinternationalschooltonsberg #skagerakinternationalschool
Cultural Diversity Day: Learning and sharing - cultures we appreciate and the sustainable development goals. Raising awareness for our international mindedness #pyp #myp #internationalbaccalaureate #internationalmindedness
Today is the UN’s International Day of Peace. Our primary and middle school students reflected on the importance of action - what actions can we take to make our communities or the world more peaceful? #peaceday #myp #internationaldayofpeace #internationalbaccalaureate  #internationalmindedness
The MY1 and MY2 students enjoying their first camp together at Hudøy. A lot of team building activities and three full days to get to know each other better. New friendships forming, new experiences that are helping them grow up even more. 

#skageraktønsberg #internationalbaccalaureate #InternationalSchool
The last Student Assembly, with some highlights from the student awards. #weareskageraktonsberg
Hudøy, celebrating Summer and the completion of our first school year at Skagerak Tønsberg. #hudøy #weareskageraktonsberg
The campaign for the president of the student council is soon complete, leading to the election tomorrow. Thank you for the speeches both candidates delivered as well as the activities both promoted in our community. #weareskageraktonsberg
Last Friday, the MY4 students presented their community project to their classmates and parents. They talked about the refugee situation in Ukraine, Poland and Norway. 
#internationalbaccalaureate #skagerakinternationalschooltonsberg
Awareness month!
#weariest #myp #interdisciplinarylearning #designforgood #mentalhealthmatters #breakthestigma
May is Mental Health Awareness month and MY2 students have been busy inquiring into mental health issues and creating awareness products. By bringing their knowledge from Health and their skills from Design, students can help start meaningful conversations around mental and health and break the stigma for talking and sharing what we or others experience. 






Lessons in golf today ⛳️ Thank you so much to Gordon and Tracie Morrison to make this activity possible for our students. #visitvestfold #vestfold
The Art Club engaging volunteers at the lunch break as Skagerak prepares for Norway’s National Day. #tønsberglivet #educationib
Skagerak Tønsberg received today NOK 450 000 from Sparebankstiftelsen-DNB. What a great contribution to our new schoolyard. #løftblikket #sparebankstiftelsendnb
Today, the MY4 presented part of the community project they’ve been working on, the war in Ukraine and the situation for the refugees in both Poland and Norway. 
Well done girls! 

#skagerakinternationalschooltonsberg  #internationalbaccalaureate
Developing strategical thinking at lunch break. Chess is fun!
On Friday, the MY2 students designed their own flags for the DKS festival happening in June
Inspired learning and reflection for our MYP team in Tønsberg. With a focus on developing the MYP in our school and meaningful introduction to the PSPs, there were meaningful discussions and sharing of learning by all. A great way to start the holiday break. #myp #wearesist #collaborativeplanning #ibworkshop
MY3 and 4 students presenting their persuasive speaches. Attributes at the base of this task: knowledgeable, inquirer and communicator.  Impressive research work on themes such as death penalty, corruption, nuclear power, equal pay, independent schools, the Ukraine war  homework, physical education, healthy food, artificial intelligence, trans humanism and genetic modified food, among others.
Obama’s words, a source of inspiration
Student organized after-school club: D&D. Write in the comments if you know what this is!
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