High School Health and Welfare

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Health and Welfare

Skagerak students are entitled to the same community services as all students in the local public schools.

Our school nurse has regular on site office hours:

School nurse Laila Meisingset
Office hours Thursday, 08:30 – 14:00
Location Nurses room, 2nd floor
Telephone 950 54 891
Email laila.meisingset@sandefjord.kommune.no

Helsestasjon for ungdom (Hsfu)

Individual appointments can be made – please contact the nurse directly.

Our students may also use the health station Helsestasjonfor ungdom (Hsfu)located in Sandefjord,
Søebergkvartalet, Holmbrua 2, 2 floor (same enterance as the dental service). Appointments can be made. Email: helse@sandefjord.kommune.no, phone no: 33416580/ sms 47642445.

Opening hours:
Tuesday 1:30PM – 5:00PM Doctor and nurse available.
Wednesday 1:30PM – 5:00PM Doctor and nurse available.


Svein Strøm Pedersen

For appointments:
E-mail: svein.strom.pedersen(at)sandefjord.kommune.no
Phone no: 913 25 063
The physiotherapist will be at school at the agreed time.

Emergency room Legevakten is located at Sandefjord hospital.
Always call the emergency room to make an appointment.
Phone no: 33 45 67 00


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