Children & youth school for 220 children

Inquiry based learning

Low school fees

You make great friends at Skagerak

Students get personal attention from teachers

Outstanding academic results and positive learning environment

Subject specialists with experience from different countries

Culturally diverse environment with more than 39 nationalities

Unique and historic location at Slottsfjell!

You enjoy freedom to express at Skagerak.

Easy access to learning materials.

You will be always heard.

Fully bilingual programme in both Norwegian and English.

Culturally diverse environment with more than 39 nationalities

We arrange many activities, summer camps and trips during the school year.

Small classes with strong home communication

Here at Skagerak you are allowed to maximize your potential. No matter your background or where you come from – you are seen and tailored for in a friendly and ambitious environment. That is our MAX guarantee!

Small School With A Big Heart


The small school with the big heart – See what life is like at Skagerak

Upcoming Events

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