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ManageBac system is the leading software for IB schools worldwide and has allowed us to move several digital systems into one place and provide easier access/communication with parents. Students’ progress reports in January and final reports in June are generated in digital form with ManageBac, and it is where reports will be viewable for parents and students.

All Middle and High school students regularly use the ManageBac system to view units, submit tasks, receive assessment feedback and complete reflections about their progress or service activities.

Parents for all students are also given an account with instant access to their child(ren)’s assessment information, homework and basic information about the units of inquiry being studied at any given time.

During reporting periods parents and students will then receive an email from the ManageBac team once they are ready to be retrieved. It is optional to save or print them off for personal reference, but a digital report will always be available in each child’s report section.

Click on login to access the ManageBac login page, or use the quick link on the school’s homepage.

Introduction to ManageBac

Once a student is enrolled in the school, parents and students should receive a welcome email from the ManageBac team, providing general information and the links necessary to select a password for the system.

ManageBac has created a very helpful quick start guide introducing parents to navigating around their child’s learning profile.

If you require further assistance in how to access ManageBac, please contact the school office.