English Language Acquisition (ELA) is offered to students who are emergent learners still acquiring basic skills to access the mainstream IB curriculum offered at Skagerak.

Provision for Teaching

Skagerak International School is committed to making appropriate provision of teaching and resources for pupils for whom English is an additional language.

We aim to ensure that all ELA pupils are able to

  • use English confidently and competently to access additional language. The school will identify individual pupil’s needs, recognise the skills they bring to school and ensure equality of access to the curriculum, content and concepts
  • use English as a means of learning across the curriculum
  • where appropriate, make use of their knowledge of other languages to help them to access curriculum, content and concepts.

Digital Library

The ELA teacher and homeroom teachers meet regularly to discuss the needs of students new to English. For more information, please read our ELA Handbook.