IB Diploma Programme (DP)

At Skagerak International School we prepare you for studies or work anywhere in the world. We help you set your ambitions – and reach them.

The IB Diploma Progamme (DP) is a rigorous pre-university course of studies for highly motivated secondary school students that leads to examinations. It is a comprehensive two-year curriculum that generally allows students to fulfill requirements of various national education systems. IB diploma holders gain admission to universities and colleges throughout the world.

Creativity, Activity and Action (CAS) is an integral and obligatory part of the IB diploma and all students actively participate. CAS experiences are often initiated and led by students themselves and are a wonderful way for our students to learn outside of the classroom.

At Skagerak we are proud to offer over 50 different activities. These range from Creative experiences such as the Yearbook, School Newspaper, Music Club and Art Club to more Active groups such as the School Football and Volleyball teams to Yoga and Dance.

The Extended Essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research that all IB-diploma students must complete in order to attain their diploma. This key component of the IB culminates into a 4,000 word essay. Every year our final year students investigate a topic of personal interest to them, which relates to one of the student’s DP subjects, and during this process we see how they test and develop their capacity to analyze, synthesize and evaluate knowledge.

The diploma model incorporates the best elements of several national systems. Each student’s performance is measured against well-defined levels of achievement. Top grades reflect attainment of knowledge and skills relative to set standards which are applied equally to all schools. Responsibility for all academic judgments about the quality of candidates’ work rests with 3,400 examiners worldwide.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a global leader in international education – developing inquiring, knowledgable, confident, and caring young people. The programme prides itself in developing lifelong learners who thrive and make a difference.