Learning is a journey and our systems allow to follow along. Stay connected to your child’s progress.


Developed by experienced Educators, Toddle is the school’s partner for all things related to the curriculum. Toddle streamlines planning, portfolios, classroom, reports, and family-teacher communication— all on one beautiful interface. Toddle is currently being used by 30,000+ educators across 1000+ schools.

Beginning in August 2023, all primary and middle school students will regularly use the Toddle system to view units, submit tasks, receive assessment feedback and complete reflections about their progress or service activities.

Toddle allows you to:

* Access your child’s journey in the form of learning evidences like photos, videos, audio notes, etc.

* Easily view all school announcements, notifications, messages and more

* Access school calendar and school policies

* Have one-on-one conversations with school teachers

Parents for all students will be given an account with instant access to their child(ren)’s assessment information, homework and basic information about the units of inquiry being studied at any given time.

During reporting periods parents and students will then receive an email from the Toddle team once they are ready to be retrieved. It is optional to save or print them off for personal reference, but a digital report will always be available in each child’s report section.