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We are incredible proud of all our Alumni and what they have achieved in life after Skagerak. Students that have graduated from Skagerak International School have something unique in common and have a connection that will never disappear. We as a school value their contribution to the school and to the current students at the school. They are an inspiration to the whole Skagerak community and many of them frequently come and visit. Either through a casual drop-in-visit or holding a presentation at an assembly.


Alexander Engebretsen
Alexander EngebretsenAlexander Engebretsen works as a Chief Officer on board one of the world’s first all-electric passenger cruise vessels called Future of The Fjords.
Caroline Hunter
Caroline HunterCaroline Hunter is currently the COO and Head of Legal of Astat.
Celin Rød
Celin RødCelin Rød-Larsen is working as a medical doctor at Sykehuset I Vestfold.
Colin Kelley
Colin Kelley Colin Kelley Lie works as a firefighter in Drammen and as a fire safety consultant onboard cruise ships assisting in the training of smoke divers.
Daniel Munne Åsland
Daniel Munne ÅslandDaniel Munne Åsland is currently working as an Account Manager for a tech company called Citrix Systems Limited based in Dublin.
Dyveke Fjeld Elset
Dyveke Fjeld ElsetDyveke Fjeld Elset is based in Oslo, working as an ESG consultant at The Governance Group guiding businesses and organisations in their mission to cut emissions.
Emma Tveit
Emma TveitEmma Tveit co-founded Refugee Utility Project, an NGO that works with refugees in Jordan and Syria.
Erik Brattested
Erik BrattestedErik Brattested is Senior Designer at Superunion, an award-winning design and branding agency in London.
Erika Vartdal
Erika VartdalErika Vartdal is working with trade policy in the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry.
Fredrik Bakke Andersen
Fredrik Bakke Andersen Fredrik Bakke Andersen teach Social Sciences and History at Ulsrud High School as well as assisting in various research projects at the Center for Research on Extremism.
Henrik Østbye
Henrik ØstbyeHenrik Østbye is now a Restaurant Manager for Kverneriet in Oslo and going to be mainly in Tønsberg.
Ingvill Harbitz Ellertsen
Ingvill Harbitz EllertsenIngvill Harbitz Ellertsen is a medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen.
Isac Estevam
Isac EstevamIsac Estevam is studying music production and songwriting at Høyskolen Kristiania.
Jonathan Christensen
Jonathan ChristensenJonathan Christensen runs an independent record label named “Seven Seas Records”
Karoline Hjelmtvedt Rodhe
Karoline Hjelmtvedt RodheKaroline Hjelmtvedt Rodhe is an Associate at Wiersholm Law Firm primarily working with issues relating to general EU/EEA law and competition law
Kristian Skeie
Kristian SkeieKristian Skeie is a photographer and journalist working on humanitarian topics and aftermath projects in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Rwanda, Iraq amongst other places.
Kristine Kivle
Kristine KivleInfo
Lisa Andersen Frugaard
Lisa Andersen FrugaardLisa Andersen Frugaard is currently working at Vestfold District Court as an executive officer.
Marianne Lund
Marianne LundMarianne Lund lives in Copenhagen where she is the Nordic Social Brand Manager for L’Oréal.
Martin Moen
Martin Moen Martin Moen is currently working as a 3D Tech artist in Ålesund.
Palak Arora
Palak AroraPalak Arora works as a Business Consultant at Management Solutions, Oslo.
Piotr Schulkes
Piotr SchulkesPiotr Schulkes is taking master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford.
Selengei Poole Granli
Selengei Poole GranliSelengei works as a Social Media Manager for the non-profit organisation ElephantVoices.
Sofie Pindsle
Sofie PindsleSofie Pindsle is currently working for Circular Norway as a project manager.
Tobias Fell
Tobias FellTobias Fell works as a Compliance officer in Sparebank1 Markets in Oslo.
Torjus Roberg
Torjus RobergTorjus Roberg work as a content producer for the social enterprise Parent Zone in London.


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