Middle School Health and Welfare

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Health and welfare

Skagerak Primary and Middle school students are entitled to the same community services as all students in the local public schools.

School Health Nurse Simen Tanum
Office Hours Tuesdays, mainly
Location Room 216, by the main reception
Telephone 90 66 82 32
Email simen.tanum@sandefjord.kommune.no

School health services

Individual appointments can be made – please contact the nurse directly.

The school health programme, the same as for all public schools in Sandefjord, offers the following services:

  • help students to look after their own health and to meet their everyday challenges
  • together with parents, students and teachers, identify aspects in the school’s environment important to the health and well-being of the students
  • guide parents in their parental role
  • aid students requiring assistance, referral or treatment, individually or in groups
  • prevent contagious diseases through a vaccination programme and health education

Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Vaccination cards for MY4 students, for vaccinations administered from PY1 to MY4, are now available online through the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Students are called in for dental treatment by the fylke (county), based on the age of the child and the home address. Any questions about dental treatment should be made directly to the local dental clinic.

There is a liaison officer from the local police station assigned to the school.