Giving to Skagerak

Skagerak Interational School is a non-profit educational institution dependent on government support and parental tuition to fund our day–to–day activities – both of which are closely governed by stringent regulations.

As a school dedicated to providing excellent education and a nurturing, vibrant environment for our students and community, our ambitions do not always align with our budget.

Contributions therefore play a crucial role in elevating our facilities, realizing our objectives, and reaching our ambitions.


Skagerak International School stands as Norway’s exclusive provider of a full continuum International Baccalaureate education and as a non-profit institution we are committed to ensure accessibility to a broader student community.

The surge in demand for international education in Norway underscores the relevance of institutions like ours. Skagerak’s commitment to fostering global perspectives, critical thinking, and cultural awareness has resonated with families seeking an education that transcends borders. However, our popularity has led us to reach full capacity, a testament to the trust placed in us by the community.

What sets us apart isn’t just our impressive curriculum, but the nurturing student environment we’ve cultivated across all grade levels. Our efforts are mirrored in the NOR Student Well-being surveys, where we consistently achieve remarkable results. Instances of bullying are exceedingly rare, with scores consistently approaching zero. Furthermore, we are incredibly honored to have been shortlisted for the prestigious Benjamin Prisen (award) in 2022 by the Norwegian Nobel Peace Committee. These achievements and recognitions highlight our collective dedication to inclusivity and progressive education practices, reinforcing our mission to empower future generations as compassionate global citizens.

Academically, we continually surpass expectations. Our students consistently outperform the global average in both the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) external exams, and our alumni are represented in all top tier universities across the globe. This accomplishment reflects our educators’ commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity, critical inquiry, and a holistic approach to learning.

You can choose to provide a donation, which the school will allocate where it is needed, or to support one of our ongoing campaigns.

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Skagerak International School is grateful for all support provided by our founders and by our company sponsors.

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In addition, we thank all the individual sponsors that support and provide singular students with an education at our school.

Please contact us if you too would like to make a difference!